Cross Trainers

Below you can find the different brands of Cross Trainers for which manuals are available. Click on your brand to find the manual you want. Can’t find the brand of your Cross Trainer? Send us a message on Facebook, and we will try to find the manual for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using a cross trainer stressful for my knees? Verified
No. During the exercise your feet stay on the pedals and you make smooth movements. This means no force is applied to the knees, as is the case with for example running.

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What is the difference between a cross trainer with the flywheel on the front or the back? Verified
Cross trainers that have th flywheel in the back are often smaller. On these cross trainers you can generally also make smaller steps. When the flywheel is in the front, the cross trainer is generally larger and allows you to make bigger steps.

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What muscles are trained when using a cross trainer? Verified
When correctly using a cross trainer you train almist all muscles. During a workout you use back, shoulder, arm, abdominal, gluteal and leg muscles.

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