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• 1 adult mask
• 1 pediatric mask
• 5 replacement lters
• 1 mouthpiece
• 1 nasal adapter
• 1 infant mask
[art. 54535 IN 535 only] • 1 zipper bag [art. 54535 IN 535 only]
• 1 charging adapter / USB cable • 1 instruction manual
If you notice any transport damage during unpacking, please contact your dealer without
Charging the battery
Charge the battery in accordance with the following guidelines:
Charge the battery only with the supplied charger (USB cable).
Before rst use, remove the device from its packaging and verify that it is fully charged.
Charging the battery:
1. Connect the USB plug of the supplied charger to the charging connector
2. Plug the charger into a wall outlet.
When the battery begins to charge, the LED charging indicator lights up in blue - it is fully
charged, when all 4 LEDs are lit.
1. Open the nebulizer
by pulling the upper part to the top and check, if the atomizer head
is correctly placed on the support.
2. Fill the amount of medicine prescribed by your doctor into the nebulizer base. Pay atten-
tion, that the maximum level will not be exceeded.
3. Press the ON/OFF switch
to start the treatment.
- The mouthpiece gives you a better drug delivery to the lungs.
- Choose between the adult
or infant mask
[art. 54535 IN 535 only]
and make sure, that the mask encloses the mouth and nose area completely.
- Use all accessories including the nasal adapter
as prescribed by your doctor.
4. During inhalation, sit upright and relaxed at a table and not in an armchair, in order to
avoid compressing your respiratory airways and impairing the treatment eectiveness.
Do not lie down while inhaling. Stop inhalation if you feel unwell.
5. After completing the inhalation period recommended by your doctor, press the ON/OFF
to turn o the device.
6. Empty the remaining medication from the nebulizer and clean the device as described in
the section «Cleaning and Disinfection».
This device was designed for intermittent use of 30 min. On / 30 min. O. Switch o the
device after 30 min. use and wait for another 30 min. before you resume treatment.
The device requires no calibration. No modication to the device is permitted.
Cleaning and Disinfection
Thoroughly clean all components to remove medication residuals and possible impuri-
ties after each treatment.
Use a soft and dry cloth with non-abrasive cleaners to clean the unit.
Make sure that the internal parts of the device are not in contact with liquids and that the
charging cable is disconnected.
Cleaning and Disinfection of the accessories
Follow carefully the cleaning and disinfecting instructions of the accessories as they are very
important to the performance of the device and success of the therapy.
Before and after each treatment
1. Open the nebulizer
by removing the top cover and remove the medicine atomizer
2. Wash the components of the disassembled nebulizer, the mouthpiece
and the nasal
by using tap water; dip in boiling water for 5 minutes.
3. Wash masks with warm water.
4. Reassemble the nebulizer components.
5. Switch the device on and let it work for 10-15 minutes.
Only use cold disinfecting liquids following the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not boil nor
autoclave the air tube and masks.
Maintenance and care
Replacement of the nebulizer
Replace the nebulizer
after a long period of inactivity, in cases where it shows deformities,
breakage, or when the atomizer head
is obstructed by dry medicine, dust, etc. We recom-
mend to replace the nebulizer after a period between 6 months and 1 year depending on the
usage. Only use original nebulizers!
Replacement of the air lter
In normal conditions of use, the air lter
must be replaced approximately after 100 work-
ing hours or after each year. We recommend to periodically check the air lter (10 - 12 treat-
ments) and if the lter shows a grey or brown colour or is wet, replace it. Extract the lter
and replace it with a new one. Do not try to clean the lter for reusing it. The air lter shall
not be serviced or maintained while in use with a patient. Only use original lters! Do not use
the device without lter!
The device cannot be switched on
Ensure the battery is fully charged.
Make sure, that the device has been used within the range of using time mentioned in this
manual (30 min. on / 30 min. o).
The nebuliser functions poorly or not at all
Ensure the nebulizer
is fully assembled and the colored atomizer head
is placed cor-
rectly and not obstructed.
Ensure the required medication has been added.
This product must not be disposed of together with domestic waste.
All users are obliged to hand in all electrical or electronic devices, regardless of
whether or not they contain toxic substances, at a municipal or commercial
collection point so that they can be disposed of in an environmentally acceptable
manner. Consult your municipal authority or your dealer for information about disposal.
Please ensure that polythene packing is kept away from the reach of child-
ren! Risk of suocation!
The current version of this instruction manual can be found under
In accordance with our policy of continual product improvement, we reserve the right to
make technical and visual changes without notice.
Instruction manual
Inhalator IN 530 / IN 535
Device and controls
These instructions belong to this device.
They contain important information regarding
the use and handling. Read the instructions
completely. Non-observance of these instruc-
tions can result in serious injury or damage
to the device.
These warning notes must be observed to
prevent any injury to the user.
These notes must be observed to prevent
any damage to the device.
These notes give you useful additional infor-
mation on the installation or operation.
Type BF applied part
Protection class II
Serial number
Article number
LOT number
Alternating current
Protection rating of device casing against
the penetration of external solid and
liquid agents
Relative humidity
Protect from humidity
Authorized representative in the EC
Date of manufacture
Explanation of symbols
Warranty and repair terms
Please contact your dealer or the service centre in case of a claim under the warranty. If you
have to return the unit, please enclose a copy of your receipt and state what the defect is.
The following warranty terms apply:
1. The warranty period for MEDISANA products is three years from date of purchase. In
case of a warranty claim, the date of purchase has to be proven by means of the sales
receipt or invoice.
2. Defects in material or workmanship will be removed free of charge within the warranty
3. Repairs under warranty do not extend the warranty period either for the unit or for the
replacement parts.
4. The following is excluded under the warranty:
a. All damage which has arisen due to improper treatment, e.g. non-observance of the
user instructions.
b. All damage which is due to repairs or tampering by the customer or unauthorised
third parties.
c. Damage which has arisen during transport from the manufacturer to the consumer or
during transport to the service centre.
d. Accessories which are subject to normal wear and tear.
5. Liability for direct or indirect consequential losses caused by the unit are excluded even
if the damage to the unit is accepted as a warranty claim.
Globalcare Medical Technology Co., Ltd
7th Building, 39 Middle Industrial Main Road,
European Industrial Zone, Xiaolan Town
528415 Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
Donawa, Lifescience Consulting Srl
Piazza Albania, 10
00153 Rome / Italy
imported & distributed by:
MEDISANA GmbH, Jagenbergstraße 19, 41468 NEUSS, GERMANY
Safety instructions
The device must only be used for its intended purpose as described in the instruction manual.
The manufacturer cannot be held liable for any damage caused by improper, incorrect and/
or unreasonable use.
Do not use the device in the presence of any anaesthetic mixture inammable with oxygen
or nitrogen protoxide.
The correct operation of the device may be aected by electromagnetic interferences that
exceed the limits indicated by the European standards in force. In case this device inter-
feres with other electrical devices, move it to a dierent position.
Do not use this device if any damage or abnormal behaviour can be recognized.
In case of failure and/or malfunction of the device, read the ”TROUBLESHOOTING” sec-
tion. Do not tamper with or open the housing.
For repairs address only to a technical service centre authorised by the manufacturer and
always request the use of original spare parts. Failure to comply with the above mentioned
indications can compromise the safety of the device.
Comply with the safety regulations concerning the electrical devices and in particular:
- use only original accessories and components;
- never immerse the device in water;
- never wet the device, it is not protected against water penetration;
- never touch the device with wet or moist hands;
- do not leave the device exposed to atmospheric agents;
- the use of this device by children and disabled people always requires the close
supervision by an adult with full mental faculties;
- do not pull the charging cord to unplug it from the power socket;
Before connecting the charging adaptor, ensure that the electrical data shown on the rating
plate of the unit, matches the nominal data of the mains.
If the plug supplied with the appliance is not compatible with the mains electricity socket,
contact qualied sta to replace the plug with a suitable one. Mainly, it is not advisable to
use adaptors, either single or multiple, and/or extension leads. If the use thereof is neces-
sary, you must use types conform to safety standards, being however careful not to exceed
the maximum specied power limits that are written on the adaptors and the extension
The installation has to be carried out by qualied personnel following the instructions of the
manufacturer. Incorrect installation can cause damage to people, animals or property, for
which the manufacturer cannot be deemed liable.
The charging cable of this device must not be replaced by the user. In case of damage,
have them replaced by a service centre authorised by the manufacturer.
It is recommended to fully extend the charging cable, throughout its entire length, to avoid
dangerous overheating.
Before performing any cleaning and/or maintenance operation, switch o the device and
unplug the charging cable.
Some parts of the device are so small that they can be swallowed by children; keep the
device out of the reach of children.
Should you decide not to use the device, it is recommended to dispose it of in accordance
with the current local regulations.
Use this device only with medicines prescribed by your doctor and follow his instructions
regarding dosage, duration and frequency of the therapy;
Carry out the treatment only using the accessory indicated by your doctor depending on
the pathology;
Use the nosepiece accessory only if expressly indicated by your doctor and be careful to
NEVER introduce the bifurcations in the nose, but only bring them as close as possible to
Check in the medicine package leaet for any contraindications for use with common aero-
sol therapy systems.
Do not place the device so that it is dicult to unplug.
Note the strangulation risk with cables.
The accessories are to be used for a single patient. It is not recommended to use
them on several patients.
The MEDISANA Inhalator IN 530 (art. 54540) resp. IN 535 (art. 54535) is intended for use
in an aerosoltherapy system suitable for domestic use. Thee device is used for the nebulisa-
tion of liquids and liquid medication (aerosols) and for the treatment of the upper and lower
respiratory tract.
Preparing the device
Before using the device, proceed with the cleaning operations as described in the chapter
«Cleaning and Disinfection».
Device and controls / Scope of supply
• 1 MEDISANA Inhalator IN 530 (art. 54540) resp. IN 535 (art. 54535)
Atomizer head;
Position of air lter;
Charging cable connection with
LED charging indicator;
On-/O-switch with lighting]
Name and model:
Power supply:
Charging time approx.:
Power consumption:
Nebuilizing quantity (average):
Particle size:
Max. pressure:
Max. noise level:
Nebulizer capacity:
Operating limits:
Operating conditions:
Storage and transportation conditions:
Weight approx.:
Size approx.:
IP Class:
Item number:
EAN number:
MEDISANA Inhalator IN 530 (art. 54540) resp.
IN 535 (art. 54535)
Input: 100~240V~ 50/60Hz,
Output: 5V~ 2A
3 hours
10 watts
0.25 ml/min.
2.9 μm
1.1 bar
45 dBA
min. 2 ml; max. 6 ml
30 min. on / 30 min. o
10 - 40 °C / 50 - 104 °F; 10 - 95 % rel. max. humidity; Air
pressure: 700 hPa - 1060 hPa
-20 - +60 °C / -13 - +158 °F; 10 - 95 % rel. max. humidity;
Air pressure: 700 hPa - 1060 hPa
190 g
45 x 43 x 115 mm
IP 22
54535 / 54540
4015588 54535 1 / 4015588 54540 5
Technical Specications
Read the instruction manual carefully before using this device, es-
pecially the safety instructions, and keep the instruction manual for
future use. Should you give this device to another person, it is vital
that you also pass on these instructions for use.
Download manual in English (PDF, 3.18 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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