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Barbara Taylor 29-02-2020
I’ve just got my Lervia machine back from my daughter and it is not working. I’ve cleaned it and oiled it to no avail. It is all set up correctly and it seems as though the needle is not raising enough for ease of threading or going down far enough to catch the bobbin thread. Any suggestions? I think it has been quite neglected and is past repair.

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Vera 12-05-2020
Same problems above, was using the machine ,but stopped catch the bobbin thread.any susuggestions????

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Pickles Gee 22-06-2019
A.. do I thread from left to right? B. Why am I not picking up bobbin thread? C. Why is my machine going through the motions but not actually stitching? .

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Sam 26-05-2020
I am having the same problem as Q.C where can I get the answer

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Dee Kay 27-12-2020
1. If you are referring to threading the needle. First when you insert a new needle make sure that the flat side is to the back. You then thread the needle from front to back. 2. If your needle is not inserted correctly as I mentioned above, it will not be able to pick up the bobbin thread. 3. Your machine is most likely threaded wrong. Make sure you have the needle inserted correctly as in 1 & 2 then give it another try.

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Marlene Pollock 29-04-2020
I have had my Lervia for a number of years and no problems for a while. Then the bobbin fill function wasn't working and have to do it manually. Recently I have been using the machine and finished a project then the other day when I went to us it it is sewing backwards! The switch to do a reverse stitch at the end of sewing is not stuck and is in the normal position. Any ideas why it is stitching in reverse?

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Jeannie Frampton 17-06-2019
Hi... i was using the machine ... no problems...not thick material, appropriate need and thread But now... although the light comes on indicating power is getting through, when i depress the foot pedal nothing happens?? Is there a reset button on the machine or am i in serious trouble? I adore my machine and am very keen to get it back operating fully Jeannie Frampton

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Dee Kay 06-10-2021
Hi Jeannie, could it be that your foot pedal is not connected properly or is damaged?. Check it is connected before fearing the worst for your machine. I have had this happen to me (different machine) but most are the same when it comes to problems. Might be worth having a look for a new pedal on eBay, There is a lot of cheaper universal ones that work most machines. Hope you get it sorted.

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Maggimoo 07-04-2020
where can I purchase a foot lever

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Evi Watson 27-04-2020
When pressing on the foot pedal the motor is making buzzing noise but nothing Is moving, but when turning the black nob on the right machine is moving the needle and sawing. What is wrong with it? Well took it apart and a small white- black clip is broken off it repairable?

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Dee Kay 27-12-2020
Evi Watson sounds like you have the "winder spindle" in the on position. Make sure it is pushed towards your left. It should only be pushed towards the right when refilling a spool with cotton. When it is left in the on position it disables the needle. It is number 9 as shown on the diagram above. (3rd picture down) in the manual.

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Maggimoo 07-04-2020
went into repair cafe to look and see if they had what i was looking for, however nothing in English, very disapointed

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Dee Kay 06-10-2021
Maggimoo, you should be able to find what you need on google, or if you know the name of the cafe, they will most likely have a website or Facebook page which should be easy to translate. If you use Google chrome there is a small icon (top left) of the page that you click on and it will translate everything for you. Hope you find what you are looking for!

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Jan Walker 16-11-2020
I think I’ve done everything right but I can’t get it to stitch?

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Jan Walker 16-11-2020
It’s going through the motions but the stitches aren’t catching?

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Dee Kay 27-12-2020
Hi Jan walker. Make sure you have the stitch size settings to above zero and the needle must have the flat part to the back when instering it or it or it wont pick up the stitches correctly.

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Barbara cousens 25-08-2021
Hi, my Lervia KH4000 is not stitching at all. The needle just goes up and down and the material doesn't move. I've checked the settings and everything seems OK. Can you give me any advice please?

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Patricia St. Hilaire 21-05-2020
Has anyone git a spare pedal and plug for the KH4000?

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Alison 15-09-2020
Hi I ordered a spare foot pedal from ebay they range from between £10-£15

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Christine 04-10-2020
Lervia KH4000, when I turn the stitch patern selector there is no zigzag between A and H settings, is this correct

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Dee Kay 27-12-2020
From looking on the stitch pattern selector dial, each pattern is colour coded with a letter. So if you want to use one of the zig zag stitches for example it shows as dark blue letter H. Set the selector to H (dark blue) and sew a little. Have a play around on a scrap piece of fabric by selecting diffenent stitches and patterns. You can also adjust the size of all stitches to give different results. Once you are used to them all you will have fun,

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Donna 29-05-2022
Hi which is the best setting on the lervia 4000 machine for the basting stitch please?

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Zina 07-12-2019
This isn't the worst machine, but it drives me to want to scream. I loathe it. Happy sewing along suddenly after an hour the needle bends and breaks. No problem set up another needle, 3 stitches and that's broken, my last needle... off to the store 10 miles away, return with new ones. Fit one. Manually turned the machine through a stitch, the needle is hitting something in the bobbin carriage... This is an intermittent infuriating issue.

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Dee Kay 27-12-2020
Remove the cotton from the bobbin case and re-insert, Make sure that when you put the bobbin back into the bobbin carriage that it is inserted correctly (you will hear a click as it locks into place). If it is not inserted correctly, it will be loose causing it to move around in the wrong position, so this could be what your needle is hitting. Another cause could be that the needle is not inserted correctly, it must have the flat part facing the back,

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Małgorzat L. 02-02-2021
I don't know the machine, I got it for use without instructions - I can't judge it.

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Mary Sheridan 21-03-2021
Where can I buy a foot pedal and plug for the Lervia KH 4000 as I have mislaid it or threw it out by mistake.

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Mary Sheridan 21-03-2021
Where can I buy a foot pedal and plug for the Lervia KH 4000 as I have mislaid it or threw it out by mistake.

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Gov Vek 13-07-2021
My Lervia KH 4000 isn't picking up bobbin thread. I've had it for several years and hardly used. Any suggestions for solution?

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Dee Kay 06-10-2021
Hi Gov Vek. Firstly make sure your machine has a new needle inserted correctly (flat bit facing rear) and that it is suitable for the type of fabric you intend to sew, Use a piece of offcut fabric and try to sew a few lines. If it's still not picking up the bobbin thread, try adjusting the tension slightly and play around until you get it to pick up.

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Emmanuel 28-01-2022
How many stitches and patterns does lervia kh4000 has

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Brand Lervia
Model KH4000
Category Sewing Machines
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Frequently Asked Questions about Lervia KH4000 Sewing Machine

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

What size needle should I use? Verified

The size of the needle depends on the fabric. For a thicker fabric, you will need a thinker needle. The application of the needle of often mentioned on the packaging.

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I have checked everything, but my sewing machine thread keeps breaking, what can I do? Verified

If the upper thread of the machine keeps breaking where the needle enters the fabric, it could be that the needleplate or bobbin case have minor damages in the form of scratches and/or sharp edges. These minor damages can cause the thread to break after a few stitches.

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How long does a sewing machine neelde last? Verified

This varies between manufacturers, but in general a needle will last about 8 hours. It might take longer for the needle to break, but before that it will have become blunt and might damage the fabric.

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My needle keeps breaking, what is causing this? Verified

There can be various reasons for this. The needle may not be the correct one for the selected fabric, the needle may have been set too low, the fabric may not be properly guided or the bobbin case may be placed incorrectly.

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Do I need to turn my sewing machine completely off to replace the needle? Verified

You can change the needle after turning off the product with the on/off switch. When cleaning the product you should disconnect it from the power supply.

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Manual Lervia KH4000 Sewing Machine

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