Question: This isn't the worst machine, but it drives me to want to scream. I loathe it. Happy sewing along suddenly after an hour the needle bends and breaks. No problem set up another needle, 3 stitches and that's broken, my last needle... off to the store 10 miles away, return with new ones. Fit one. Manually turned the machine through a stitch, the needle is hitting something in the bobbin carriage... This is an intermittent infuriating issue.

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Dee Kay 27-12-2020
Remove the cotton from the bobbin case and re-insert, Make sure that when you put the bobbin back into the bobbin carriage that it is inserted correctly (you will hear a click as it locks into place). If it is not inserted correctly, it will be loose causing it to move around in the wrong position, so this could be what your needle is hitting. Another cause could be that the needle is not inserted correctly, it must have the flat part facing the back,

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