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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I store my tent when it's wet? Verified

Only for very short periods of time. When a tent is stored while wet for a week or longer, it can get moldy. This is harmful for your tent and possibly your health.

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How do I impregnate a tent? Verified

Pitch the tent, clean the cloth and let it dry. Apply the impregnation agent on the cloth with a plant sprayer or other spray. It is also possible to use a paint roller or brush. The cloth needs to be fully saturated with the impregnation agent. Also treat the inside of the tent. Thoroughly clean any windows with a moist cloth. Do not let the impregnation agent dry on it. Let the tent cloth fully dry. Repeat the treatment if needed.

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Can I repair a tear or hole in the canvas of my tent myself? Verified

There are special pieces of self-adhesive patches of cloth available for synthetic tent canvases. Stick one of these patches on both sides of the hole or tear. For cotton tent canvases or mixed material tent canvases it's best to use patches that can be ironed on. This will require an iron.

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The zipper of my tent won't run smoothly, what can I do? Verified

When a zipper is running smoothly, use a dry PTFE spray or silicone spray. Do not spray onto the cloth and preventively spray to prevent future problems.

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There are water drops on the inside of the tent, does this mean it is leaking? Verified

No, this is probably condensation. Make sure the tent is properly ventilated to keep condensation at a minimum.

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What tent pegs are best to use for which surfaces? Verified

On grassland or forest surfaces you can use semi circular or plastic pegs. On rocky surfaces you need to use rock pegs. On clay surfaces you can use semi circular, plastic or universal pegs. On gravel surfaces you need semi circular or universal pegs and on sand you need to use wooden pegs.

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The impregnation agent leaves white stains or a white haze on the tent cloth, what can I do about this? Verified

If the agent leaves a white haze or white stains on the tent cloth, this means you have applied more impregnation agent on those areas. This is not harmful and the stains often disappear over time. It is not advisable to use less impregnation agent to prevent stains. The cloth needs to be fully saturated with the impregnation agent to give good results.

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Can I use my Outwell tent for a period of a month or longer? Verified

Outwell Tents are made for use during holidays and are not specifically designed or tested for use over extended periods of time.

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Latest comments

Manual Outwell Moonhill 6 Air Tent
jean pierre masson 20-02-2024
Hello, are the rooms modular?

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Outwell Moonhill 6 Air Tent
Manual Outwell Stone Lake 5ATC Tent
Erik 07-08-2023
Is it true that the air tubes become slack during the storm!

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Outwell Stone Lake 5ATC Tent
Manual Outwell Colorado 6PE Tent
Thomas Gröber 06-08-2023
Which waterproofing agent would you recommend? With our old tent, the agent made it brittle and broke.

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Outwell Colorado 6PE Tent
Manual Outwell Stone Lake 5ATC Tent
Yvonne 29-07-2023
1 of our tubes continues to drain slowly. What to do?

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Outwell Stone Lake 5ATC Tent
Manual Outwell Belleville 5SA Tent
Flemming Kokholm 14-08-2022
I just bought a used Belleville 5SA. Now I have unpacked it and set it up, where I can see that the front part (the one to be zipped on) is missing. Unfortunately, the person I bought the tent from doesn't have it... Can anyone in here help me with info on where to buy this part. The problem with missing it is that rain can then enter through the insect net on the front.

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Outwell Belleville 5SA Tent