Manuals for Sunding Cycling Computers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need to enter the size of my wheel? Verified

To calculate the traveled distance, the cycling computer uses the number of revolutions. The number of revolutions multiplied by the size of the wheel equals the traveled distance.

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How many miles is one kilometer? Verified

One kilometer equals 0,621 mile. Ten kilometers makes 6,21 miles. One mile equals 1,609 kilometer. Ten miles makes 16,09 kilometers.

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A battery in my device is oxidized, can I still safely use it? Verified

Ja, the device can still be safely used. Firstly, remove the oxidizd battery. Never use bare hands to do this. Then clean the battery compartment with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar or lemon juice. Let it dry and insert new batteries.

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Manual Sunding SD-576A Cycling Computer
Sebastian 효준 26-06-2024
센서 간격 1,5mm 설치불가.

Sunding SD-576A Cycling Computer
Manual Sunding SD-563A Cycling Computer
Rosmmel Barrios 29-05-2024
Senores El manual está disponible en español? donde esta?

Sunding SD-563A Cycling Computer
Manual Sunding SD-570 Cycling Computer
валерий чуприна 06-05-2024
отвратительная инструкция! не указано. как записать в компьютер длину оборота колеса! выбросил после многочисленных попыток зайти в нужное меню. Никогда не покупайте модель sd570a

Sunding SD-570 Cycling Computer
Manual Sunding SD-548C Cycling Computer
Hucacim Hamsini 25-02-2024
This morning I went cycling but my Sunding had unclear numbers. When I returned, I put in a new battery but that didn't help. Then I remembered that I cycled in the rain last week. So maybe moisture got in there. With that idea in mind, I placed my Sunding on the heater. After half an hour I saw the normal numbers again. In short, problem solved. A problem that is not mentioned in the manual and not here on this website. Hence my message with a solution.

(Translated by Google)
Sunding SD-548C Cycling Computer
Manual Sunding SD-563A Cycling Computer
Zain 21-08-2023
Me to

Sunding SD-563A Cycling Computer