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Cascade 2 Tent
CTC Model:
Stoves, lanterns, candles, grills, heater and other fuel-burning devices
produce carbon monoxide and will consume the available oxygen in
the tent. Use of such devices in a tent may cause asphyxiation,
carbon monoxide poisoning, and death or serious and permanent
injuries. For this reason:
DO NOT use fuel-burning devices inside or near this product.
Your failure to follow this warning may cause death or serious
and permanent injury to you or others.
This product is made with ame-resistant fabric, which meets CPAI-84
specications. IT IS NOT FIREPROOF! The fabric will burn if left in
continuous contact with any ame source. The application of any
foreign substance to the fabric may render the ame-resistant
properties ineective.
Anchor properly at all times and carefully consider campsite choice.
Be aware of possible falling rocks or tree limbs, lightning strikes,
ash oods, strong winds and other hazards which may casue harm
to this product or its occupants.
Have a minimum of two adults for assembly. During assembly poles
are under tension. If not held rmly in place during assembly, poles
could break or ip up, possibly causing serious injury.
Safety glasses may be worn throughout the assembly process as
an additonal precaution.
Exercise care when using electric devices in and near tents.
Allow dirt to dry on the fabric after a rainfall before lightly sweeping
it o with a brush. For tougher stains, spray the area with water and
lightly wipe it o with a few strokes. Do not use washer or dryer.
Unpack and inspect all contents for defects in workmanship and
materials within 7 days of purchase. If any defects are found, return the
product to the place of purchase, along with the proof of purchase, and
it will be replaced free of charge.
This product carries a replacement parts warranty against defects in
materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of
purchase. At its discretion, the manufacturer may provide replacement
parts. Original purchaser will be required to provide proof of purchase.
The consumer will be responsible for shipping costs incurred outside
of the U.S. or Canada.
Warranties DO NOT cover normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse,
inclement weather conditions (ie. wind, rain, hail, lightning, tornadoes
or hurricanes) or other acts of God, mildew and rotting, or damage
fading caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays. This warranty gives
you specic legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary
depending on locale. Under no circumstances shall the manufacturer
be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.
The tent is water-repellent. It is not waterproof. During heavy or
continuous rain, some leakage may occur. Avoid contact between
objects and the inside of the tent, as this may result in leakage at
points of contact. In the event of seam leakage, apply
a seam-sealer compound.
Although our products are manufactured according to rigorous
specications, periods of wind or rain may loosen the stakes and
cause the frame to sink into the ground. This will weaken the
structure’s overall rigidity. Puddles may also form on the roof if
the unit has not been assembled tightly. If pooling should occur,
it is advisable to drain the y to avoid possible damage to frame
and fabric. Adjustment of guy lines may be necessary. In case of
inclement weather, remove valuables and seek appropriate
shelter. Intended for recreational use only.
For your tent, screen house or canopy DO NOT...
Pitch near an open re.
Use candles or open ames of any kind inside or near it.
Leave children unattended inside.
Use fuel-burning, oxygen-consuming devices (heaters, lanterns,
cooking stoves or other ame sources) inside.
Refuel lamps, heaters or stoves inside.
Smoke inside.
Store ammable liquids inside.
Use water-repellent compounds other than those recommended
for use on outdoor equipment.
Spray with insecticide.
Store on concrete oor.
For your tent, screen house or canopy DO...
Always extinguish campre before sleeping or leaving the area.
Exercise care when using electricity and lighting.
Make certain it is properly ventilated in all weather conditions.
In extreme weather conditions, snow could obstruct airow and
cause asphyxiation. Clear frequently.
Anchor securely to provide additional security in changing
climatic conditions. Snow pegs, skis and/or heavy rocks may be
necessary to supplement stakes and guy lines.
Take down and store properly after camping.
Do not return to retail store
for warranty consideration.
Call Toll-Free Support:
1 855 966-3785
The key to an enjoyable camping experience is planning
and preparation.
Before you go...
Research the area where you intend to camp. Prepare for any
possible weather condition. Be aware of hazards and emergency
protocol. Know the rules and regulations.
Check out your equipment before your trip. Be sure your cook stove,
lanterns, ashlights, air mattress, etc., are in good working order.
Erect your tent to become familiar with setup.
Once you’ve assembled your tent in a dry, well-ventilated area, apply
seam-sealing compound to the stitching of the inside seams
following manufacturer’s directions. Allow to dry thoroughly
before storage. Reapply annually.
Checklists are great planning tools. Here are some areas to consider.
Camp Setup:
Tent, chairs, table, ground cloth, entrance mat, tarp, poles, rope, stakes,
bungee cords, duct tape, zip ties, hammer/tools, bedding.
Kitchen setup, food and beverages:
Plan for transport, preparation, storage and disposal.
Remember to pack re-starting devices in waterproof containers, and
bring pots, dishes, utensils, can opener, heavy-duty garbage bags and
biodegradable soap. Store your food in lockers or out of sight in
Clothing: Be prepared for all your activities. Include a hat,
sunglasses and quality socks. Dress in layers.
Hygiene: Personal toiletries, rubber gloves, basic rst aid items.
Don’t forget your medications.
Miscellaneous: Extra batteries, sewing kit, clothespins, dust
pan/brush and insect repellent.
Be considerate of others, humans and wildlife.
Remember to clean up and dispose of waste properly.
“Leave no trace behind.
Download manual in English (PDF, 0.4 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Woods
Model Cascade 2
Category Tents
File type PDF
File size 0.4 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wood's Cascade 2 Tent

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

Can I store my tent when it's wet? Verified

Only for very short periods of time. When a tent is stored while wet for a week or longer, it can get moldy. This is harmful for your tent and possibly your health.

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How do I impregnate a tent? Verified

Pitch the tent, clean the cloth and let it dry. Apply the impregnation agent on the cloth with a plant sprayer or other spray. It is also possible to use a paint roller or brush. The cloth needs to be fully saturated with the impregnation agent. Also treat the inside of the tent. Thoroughly clean any windows with a moist cloth. Do not let the impregnation agent dry on it. Let the tent cloth fully dry. Repeat the treatment if needed.

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Can I repair a tear or hole in the canvas of my tent myself? Verified

There are special pieces of self-adhesive patches of cloth available for synthetic tent canvases. Stick one of these patches on both sides of the hole or tear. For cotton tent canvases or mixed material tent canvases it's best to use patches that can be ironed on. This will require an iron.

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The zipper of my tent won't run smoothly, what can I do? Verified

When a zipper is running smoothly, use a dry PTFE spray or silicone spray. Do not spray onto the cloth and preventively spray to prevent future problems.

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There are water drops on the inside of the tent, does this mean it is leaking? Verified

No, this is probably condensation. Make sure the tent is properly ventilated to keep condensation at a minimum.

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What tent pegs are best to use for which surfaces? Verified

On grassland or forest surfaces you can use semi circular or plastic pegs. On rocky surfaces you need to use rock pegs. On clay surfaces you can use semi circular, plastic or universal pegs. On gravel surfaces you need semi circular or universal pegs and on sand you need to use wooden pegs.

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The impregnation agent leaves white stains or a white haze on the tent cloth, what can I do about this? Verified

If the agent leaves a white haze or white stains on the tent cloth, this means you have applied more impregnation agent on those areas. This is not harmful and the stains often disappear over time. It is not advisable to use less impregnation agent to prevent stains. The cloth needs to be fully saturated with the impregnation agent to give good results.

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Manual Wood's Cascade 2 Tent

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