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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum heart rate during exercise? Verified

In general you can take a heart rate of 220 and deduct your age. So for a person aged 48 the maximum heart rate would be 220 minus 48 equaling 172. If you are unsure of your personal condition, be sure to consult your doctor.

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How much exercise does an average adult need? Verified

As an adult it is a good idea to perform moderately intensive exercise for a total ot at least 2.5 hours a week. Ideally this is spread out over several days.

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Latest comments

Manual Tacx T2240 Flow Smart Ergotrainer
Andy 28-02-2024
my smart flow wont calibrate although its connected. When you try and pedal to the desired 18.6mph or 30kph mine stays on the blue screen and stays at 0.00mph? never reaches the target where you stop pedalling.

Tacx T2240 Flow Smart Ergotrainer
Manual Tacx Grand Excel Ergotrainer
[email protected] 13-02-2023
I no longer see any data on my Tacx Excel screen. Is there a solution.

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Tacx Grand Excel Ergotrainer
Manual Tacx T2200 Flow Ergotrainer
Keith Jones 11-12-2022
I have had the product. For 6 years and would love to upgrade it

Tacx T2200 Flow Ergotrainer
Manual Tacx Vortex Ergotrainer
ronny 23-02-2022
when I use my Polar T31 coded heart rate belt, I only see the symbol flashing on the display of my Vortex T1960 and I do not see the data. Can anyone help me with this? thanks mvg ronny

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Tacx Vortex Ergotrainer
Manual Tacx Vortex Ergotrainer
Paulo 05-01-2022
I'm having trouble with my Smart Vortex Roller. All of a sudden, the red light flashes on and continues on and appears on the E101 display. Does anyone know what the error is?

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Tacx Vortex Ergotrainer