Manual Indesit HIM 506 EK.A (WH) Oven

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! Before placing your new appliance into operation
please read these operating instructions carefully.
They contain important information for safe use, for
installation and for care of the appliance.
! Please keep these operating instructions for future
reference. Pass them on to possible new owners of
the appliance.
! Keep packaging material out of the reach of
children. It can become a choking or suffocation
hazard (see Precautions and tips).
! The appliance must be installed by a qualified
person in compliance with the instructions provided.
Incorrect installation may cause harm to persons,
animals or may damage property.
Fitting the appliance
Use the appropriate cabinet to ensure that the
appliance functions properly.
The panels adjacent to the oven must be made of
heat-resistant material.
Cabinets with a veneer exterior must be assembled
with glues which can withstand temperatures of up
to 100°C.
To install the oven under the counter (see
diagram) and in a kitchen unit, the cabinet must
have the following dimensions:
! The appliance must not come into contact with
electrical parts once it has been installed.
The consumption indications on the data plate have
been calculated for this type of installation.
To ensure good ventilation, the back panel of the
cabinet must be removed. It is advisable to install the
oven so that it rests on two strips of wood, or on a
completely flat surface with an opening of at least 45 x
560 mm (see diagrams).
Centring and fastening
Secure the appliance to the cabinet by opening the
oven door and putting 4 screws into the 4 holes of
the outer frame.
! All parts which ensure the safe operation of the
appliance must not be removable without the aid of a
575-585 min
+4 -0
+4 -0
547 min
560 mm.
45 mm.
Download manual in English (PDF, 5.93 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Indesit
Model HIM 506 EK.A (WH)
Category Ovens
File type PDF
File size 5.93 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Indesit HIM 506 EK.A (WH) Oven

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My oven does not get warm enough, what should I do? Verified

The thermostat makes sure the ovens heats up to the designated temperature. It is likely that the thermostat is defective. Have it replaced. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

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What is pyrolysis? Verified

Some ovens are equipped with a pyrolysis function. This is a cleaning system that burns dirt and fat in the oven by using very high temperatures. After pyrolysis, all the dirt will have turned to ash and can be easily removed. If the oven has a pyrolysis function, it is advisable to use it 3 to 4 times a year to keep the oven clean.

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Can I prepare several items simultaneously by using more grill trays? Verified

Technically this is possible. However, it depends on the type of food if you need to adjust the preparation time or swap the trays halfway during the preparation.

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When I use the oven there often food remains that fall on the bottom, causing smoke. How can I prevent this? Verified

Many ovens come with both a grid and a baking tray. When food is prepared on the grid, the baking tray can be placed on the bottom to prevent food remains from burning and causing smoke.

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Smoke is accumulating in the oven when warming up, why is that? Verified

Probably there are food remains from previous use left in the oven. Especially greasy food remains can generate smoke when heated. Clean the oven thoroughly.

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Manual Indesit HIM 506 EK.A (WH) Oven

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