When I use the oven there often food remains that fall on the bottom, causing smoke. How can I prevent this?

"Many ovens come with both a grid and a baking tray. When food is prepared on the grid, the baking tray can be placed on the bottom to prevent food remains from burning and causing smoke."

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Αθηνα Παπαδοπουλου 19-02-2024
Teka HSB 644
The clock shows 0.00 and keeps blinking click click

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Martina 12-06-2024
Whirlpool W6 OS4 4S2 PBL
Hello, when I turn on the oven, it keeps telling me that the tank is full. I tried draining according to the instructions in the manual, but it doesn't do anything. Can you advise me?

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Anita Hansen 04-05-2024
How do I reset error code 22E8? Both plates on the right side do not work.. It may have happened because I put a hot pan on a cold plate

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Mureșan Naomi 23-02-2024
Whirlpool W7 OM4 4S1 P BL
Hello, on the oven it shows me "Oven fault" what should I do?

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Jytte Hanen. 25-01-2024
Ovn. Bauknecht BIK5DP8FSPT
I have cleaned the oven with pyrolysis, it turned off even after cleaning, but now I can't turn it on again, what do I do?.

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Felipe Rodriguez 12-12-2023
HA 820
What are the dimensions of the HA 820 TEKA electric oven. I need to buy an oven with the same dimensions but that oven is in a house in the south and I don't have anyone who can go measure it. If anyone knows, can you send me the dimensions to the following email please: [email protected] It would be very helpful, thank you!!!!

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Κατερίνα 27-11-2023
Teka 6515 ss
Good evening, does it have up or down resistance? In the manual it has a wavy one with the lower resistance and it says that it is conventional. What does this mean that it is the same as the upper and lower resistance?

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Rodrigo Valera 07-11-2023
"Ariete", Horno Ariete de 23 Litros con freidora de aire y rostizador
I can't find in this oven which of the functions is indicated to use only the lower resistance Email [email protected]

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