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Frequently Asked Questions

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My oven does not get warm enough, what should I do? Verified

The thermostat makes sure the ovens heats up to the designated temperature. It is likely that the thermostat is defective. Have it replaced. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

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What is pyrolysis? Verified

Some ovens are equipped with a pyrolysis function. This is a cleaning system that burns dirt and fat in the oven by using very high temperatures. After pyrolysis, all the dirt will have turned to ash and can be easily removed. If the oven has a pyrolysis function, it is advisable to use it 3 to 4 times a year to keep the oven clean.

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Can I prepare several items simultaneously by using more grill trays? Verified

Technically this is possible. However, it depends on the type of food if you need to adjust the preparation time or swap the trays halfway during the preparation.

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When I use the oven there often food remains that fall on the bottom, causing smoke. How can I prevent this? Verified

Many ovens come with both a grid and a baking tray. When food is prepared on the grid, the baking tray can be placed on the bottom to prevent food remains from burning and causing smoke.

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Smoke is accumulating in the oven when warming up, why is that? Verified

Probably there are food remains from previous use left in the oven. Especially greasy food remains can generate smoke when heated. Clean the oven thoroughly.

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Latest comments

Manual Princess 112759 Oven
Iris 27-03-2024
I was wondering how you can tell when the oven is up to temperature (i.e. when it has finished preheating).

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Princess 112759 Oven
Manual Princess 182075 Aerofryer Oven
Juan Espinosa 15-02-2024
Hello! I would need instructions for assembling the front door glass I have disassembled it to clean and I have difficulties with the gasket that has come out and I don't know how to reassemble it Or is there a technical service to turn to?

(Translated by Google)
Princess 182075 Aerofryer Oven
Manual Princess 182065 Oven
corry lanser 07-01-2023
device works fine but the lamp is broken

(Translated by Google)
Princess 182065 Oven
Manual Princess 182075 Aerofryer Oven
Antonio 24-11-2022
I would need the user manual in Italian, thanks

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Princess 182075 Aerofryer Oven
Manual Princess 182075 Aerofryer Oven
Rose 24-09-2022
How can I get a manual for the aero fryer oven 182075 _ I need to operate this product _ thank you

Princess 182075 Aerofryer Oven