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Hilleberg Anjan GT
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Willkommen zu Deinem neuen Hilleberg Anjan GT!
Du hast mit diesem Zelt ein hoch qualitatives Produkt erworben und solltest es
auch dementsprechend handhaben. Wir empfehlen Dir, diese Anleitung vor dem
ersten Aufbau Deines Zeltes gründlich durchzulesen und den Aufbau zu üben,
bevor Du mit Deinem neuen Zelt die erste Tour unternimmst.
Trotz seines geringen Gewichts ist das Anjan GT bei korrekter Anwendung extrem
belastbar. Um optimal zu funktionieren, bedarf es jedoch sorgfältiger Pflege und
Handhabung. Folge allen Anleitungen, so wirst Du an diesem Zelt lange Freude haben.
Anjan GT Inhalt
Außenzelt aus Kerlon 1000 mit gekoppeltem Innenzelt. 6 vormontierte Abspann-
leinen mit Leinenspannern. 9-mm-Zeltstangen mit “Lock Tips”: 2 x 260 cm und
1 x 305 cm beim Anjan 2 GT, bzw. 2 x 285 cm und 1 x 328 cm beim Anjan 3 GT.
16 Heringe. Packsäcke für Zelt, Gestänge und Heringe. 1 extra Stangensegment,
1 Reparaturhülse und 1 Aufbauanleitung.
achtung! Das Zelt besitzt 12 Ansatzpunkte für die Heringe. 4 davon werden
mindestens benötigt, damit das Zelt steht. Wir empfehlen trotzdem immer alle
Heringe und Abspannleinen zu verwenden, da sich die Wetterbedingungen schnell
ändern können.
Välkommen till ditt nya Hilleberg Anjan GT!
Du har investerat i ett högkvalitetstält, så tag väl hand om det. Vi rekommenderar
att du läser instruktionshäftet noggrant innan du sätter upp ditt tält och att du
tränar ordentligt på att sätta upp och ta ner det innan du går ut på din första tur.
Trots sin låga vikt är Anjan GT mycket starkt om det används korrekt, men det
kräver noggrann skötsel och handhavande för att fungera optimalt. Följ alla anvis-
ningarna i detta häfte så kommer Anjan GT att fungera väl för dig under många år.
Anjan GT innehåller följande
Yttertält i Kerlon 1000, hopkopplat med innertält. Monterade linor 6 st med
linsträckare. Tältstänger 9 mm med “lock tips”, 2 x 260 cm och 1 x 305 cm i
Anjan 2 GT; och 2 x 285 cm och 1 x 328 cm i Anjan 3 GT. Markpinnar 16 st.
Packpåsar för tält, stänger och pinnar. Extra stångdel 1 st. Reparationshylsa 1
st. Instruktionsbok.
obs: Det finns 12 fästpunkter för markpinnar. Man kan resa tältet med endast 4
markpinnar men vi rekommenderar att du alltid använder alla markpinnar och linor
eftersom vädret kan växla snabbt.
What’s Included with the Anjan GT
One outer tent in Kerlon 1000 connected to one inner tent; 6 attached guy
lines with line runners; 9 mm poles with “lock tips” – 2 x 260 cm and 1 x 305
cm with the Anjan 2 GT; and 2 x 285 cm and 1 x 328 cm with the Anjan 3 GT;
16 pegs; stuff bags for tent, poles and pegs; one spare pole section; one pole
repair sleeve; and an instruction booklet.
note: There are 12 possible peg points on the Anjan GT. Basic pitching takes just
four pegs, but we recommend that you carry and use the others, and that you
make guy line use part of your normal routine, since weather in the backcountry
is always unpredictable!
Welcome to your new Hilleberg Anjan GT!
You have invested in a truly high-end, high quality tent, so take care of your invest-
ment. We strongly recommend that you read these instructions completely before
setting up your tent, and that you practice setting up your tent at home before
taking it on a backcountry trip.
Despite its light weight, the Anjan GT is exceptionally strong if used correctly, but
it does require proper care and handling to function at its full potential. Follow
ALL directions in this booklet. Doing this will ensure the greatest longevity of your
tent and the maximum benefit to you.
Download manual in English (PDF, 1.49 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Hilleberg
Model Anjan GT
Category Tents
File type PDF
File size 1.49 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Hilleberg Anjan GT Tent

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

Can I store my tent when it's wet? Verified

Only for very short periods of time. When a tent is stored while wet for a week or longer, it can get moldy. This is harmful for your tent and possibly your health.

This was helpful (389) Read more

How do I impregnate a tent? Verified

Pitch the tent, clean the cloth and let it dry. Apply the impregnation agent on the cloth with a plant sprayer or other spray. It is also possible to use a paint roller or brush. The cloth needs to be fully saturated with the impregnation agent. Also treat the inside of the tent. Thoroughly clean any windows with a moist cloth. Do not let the impregnation agent dry on it. Let the tent cloth fully dry. Repeat the treatment if needed.

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Can I repair a tear or hole in the canvas of my tent myself? Verified

There are special pieces of self-adhesive patches of cloth available for synthetic tent canvases. Stick one of these patches on both sides of the hole or tear. For cotton tent canvases or mixed material tent canvases it's best to use patches that can be ironed on. This will require an iron.

This was helpful (223) Read more

The zipper of my tent won't run smoothly, what can I do? Verified

When a zipper is running smoothly, use a dry PTFE spray or silicone spray. Do not spray onto the cloth and preventively spray to prevent future problems.

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There are water drops on the inside of the tent, does this mean it is leaking? Verified

No, this is probably condensation. Make sure the tent is properly ventilated to keep condensation at a minimum.

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What tent pegs are best to use for which surfaces? Verified

On grassland or forest surfaces you can use semi circular or plastic pegs. On rocky surfaces you need to use rock pegs. On clay surfaces you can use semi circular, plastic or universal pegs. On gravel surfaces you need semi circular or universal pegs and on sand you need to use wooden pegs.

This was helpful (110) Read more

The impregnation agent leaves white stains or a white haze on the tent cloth, what can I do about this? Verified

If the agent leaves a white haze or white stains on the tent cloth, this means you have applied more impregnation agent on those areas. This is not harmful and the stains often disappear over time. It is not advisable to use less impregnation agent to prevent stains. The cloth needs to be fully saturated with the impregnation agent to give good results.

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Are Hilleberg tents double-walled? Verified

Yes, all Hilleberg tents are double-walled of which the outer wall is waterproof.

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Manual Hilleberg Anjan GT Tent

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