Manuals for Rapoo Mice

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best surface to use a mouse on? Verified

A traditional trackball mouse will work best on a padded surface such as a mouse pad. An optical mouse will work on almost any flat surface, with the exception of transparent or reflective surfaces. Surfaces with a printed repetitive pattern might interfere with the functioning of the mouse.

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What is an ergonomic mouse? Verified

Daily use of a regular mouse over long periods of time can result in pain in the arm and wrist. This is also called RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). An ergonomic mouse is shaped to reduce these issues or prevent them.

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What is the difference between a normal mouse and a gaming mouse? Verified

Every gaming mouse can be used asa regular mouse. However, a gaming mouse often has additional buttons in specific places to make gaming easier. There even are gaming mice that have buttons that are meant to better play a specific game.

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What size mouse is best for my hand? Verified

This partially depends on personal preference and necessity, but in general a mouse should be around 60% of the size of your hand. This is the most comfortable and most ergononical.

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Manual Rapoo MT750S Mouse
Kl. Hoffmann 27-12-2023
Hello, I got and installed a mouse MT750S. The side scroll button doesn't work. What should you pay particular attention to? Kind regards

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Rapoo MT750S Mouse
Manual Rapoo MT550 Mouse
wlu 15-06-2023
That description is probably the dumbest I've ever seen. If you don't first clarify what this device was built for, what are the controls, and then one could deal with the furnishing in an understandable, cultivated language. Technical data would also be very helpful.

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Rapoo MT550 Mouse