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Please read carefully these instructions before use. The device is designed to offer the best possible efficiency at the lowest
energy consumption and since it does not use chemicals or poisons, it is the best solution in eliminating those disturbing and
some time dangerous flying insects.
How it works:
1 The device does not use chemicals or poisons which can be dangerous to humans and pets!
2 The special LED lamps (ultraviolet) with extremely low consumption and super long life are used to attract insects which
are then instantly killed by the high voltage grid positioned in front of the lamps.
3 Those LED lamps can also be used as night light in your room.
Usage and effective range
1 The device can be used indoors only in residences, restaurants, hotels, offices etc.
2 The effective range of the device, under ideal conditions can reach to 30 square meters.
3 The most effective way to use it is to plug it in a wall outlet of a dark room, with no other light source, for about 20-30
minutes before you use that room. This way all flying insects will be killed. The effectiveness of the device is reduced if
there is another light source in the room.
Maintenance Cleaning - Safety
1 Before you plug in the device, make sure that the protective plastic grid at the front of it is not broken or missing.
2 Keep children and mentally impaired away from the device. Never touch the high voltage grid even after unplugging.
3 Do not use this device is places which explosives, flammable gasses or fumes may exist! Danger of explosion or fire!
4 In order to clean the device, please first unplug from wall outlet. Then shake off the unit the dead insects and if you want
use a small brush to clean the high voltage grid, as well as, a soft dump cloth to wipe the plastic exterior. Never immerse
the unit into water or other liquids.
Recycling Notice
Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components which can be recycled and reused.
This symbol means that electrical and electronic equipment, at their end-of-life, should be disposed of separately from your household
Please dispose of this equipment at your local community waste collection/recycling centre. In the European Union there are separate
collection systems for used electrical and electronic products.
Please help us to conserve the environment we live in!
Declaration of CE Conformity
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87A, 17
November Str | P.C. 55535 | Pylea | Greece
Tel: +30 2310-944944 | Fax: +30 2310-944940
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Brand United
Model IK-8203
Category Pest Repellers
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Manual United IK-8203 Pest Repeller

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