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TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG · D-24963 Tarp ·
Aufbauanleitung & Stückliste /Assembling Instruction & Parts List
Art.-Nr. / Item no. 44930
Bitte den Kratzbaum von oben nach unten aufbauen!
Dieser Artikel sollte von einer erwachsenen Person
aufgebaut werden.
Please assemble the scratching tree top down!
This product should be assembled by an adult.
Pos. 12
Pos. 13
Pos. 14
Art.-Nr. /
Item No.
Kratzbaum /
Scratching Post
Farbe / Colour Höhe / Height
44930 Emil kaffeebraun / coffee brown 96 cm
Pos. Nr. /
Pos. No.
Bezeichnung /
Abmessung /
Measurement in mm
Anzahl /
Art. Nr. /
Item No.
Pos. 1 Bodenplatte / Bottom plate 690 × 590 1 44930-10
Pos. 2 Höhle / Cave ø 330 × 400 1 44930-11
Pos. 3 Liegeplatte, Mitte / Lying plate, middle ø 580 1 44930-12
Pos. 4 Liegeplatte, rund / Lying plate, round ø 500 1 44930-13
Pos. 5 Trittstufe, klein, mit Pfote / Footstep, small, with paw ø 190 4 44930-14
Pos. 6 Bett mit hohem Rand / Bed with high rim 500 × 380 1 44930-40
Pos. 7 Kissen, oval / Cushion, oval 470 × 370 1 44930-41
Pos. 8 Kissen, rund / Cushion, round ø 310 1 44930-42
Pos. 9 Stamm mit Plüsch und Stehbolzen / Post with plush and spacer bolt ø 50 × 130 2 44930-30
Pos. 10 Stamm mit Plüsch und Stehbolzen / Post with plush and spacer bolt ø 50 × 260 2 44930-31
Pos. 11 Stamm mit Sisalteppich / Post with sisal carpet ø 170 × 390 2 44930-32
Pos. 12 Senkkopfschraube / Countersunk bolt M8 × 35 2
Pos. 13 Senkkopfschraube / Countersunk bolt M8 × 50 5
Pos. 14 Gewindestange / Thread rod M8 × 48 1
Pos. 15 Gewindestange / Thread rod M8 × 80 1
Pos. 16 Inbusschlüssel / Allen key 1
260713 93975
Pos. 15
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Brand Trixie
Model Emil Senior
Category Cat Trees
File type PDF
File size 0.12 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Trixie Emil Senior Cat Tree

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I have a cat tree. Do I still need to clip my cat's nails? Verified

If the cat remains inside, it is possible that apart from using the cat tree, clipping its nails is. A cat that is allowed outside needs its nails, for example as a defense mechanism.

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What is the best place for a cat tree? Verified

Although the best placement depends on many factors, in general a good place for a cat tree is near a window. This allows the cat to sunbathe and be entertained by looking outside. Also, don’t place the cat tree too close to the litter box.

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Manual Trixie Emil Senior Cat Tree

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