Manual Tristar SM-6000 Sewing Machine

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NL Gebruikershandleiding HR Korisnički priručnik
UK User manual NO Brukermanual
FR Manuel d'utilisation BG Потребителски наръчник
DE Bedienungsanleitung HU Kézikönyv
ES Manual de usuario DK Brugervejledning
IT Manuale utente CZ ivatelská příručka
PT Manual de utilizador PL Instrukcja obsługi
SE Användarhandbok RO Manual de utilizare
EL Εγχειρίδιο χρήστη SRB Upustvo za rukovanje
Onderdelenbeschrijving | Parts description | Description des pièces | Teile
Beschreibung | Descripción de las partes | Parti descrizione | Peças descrição | Delar
beskrivning | Dijelovi opis | Deler beskrivelse | Части описание | | Részek leírása |
Dele beskrivelse | Části popis | Części opis | Piese descriere | Μέρη περιγραφή |
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Here you can share what you think about the Tristar SM-6000 Sewing Machine. If you have a question, first carefully read the manual. Requesting a manual can be done by using our contact form.

irene buschmann 06-07-2020
I can not install the can can you explain it to me ... thank you

reply | This was helpful (9) (Translated by Google)
danielle 31-07-2020
Hello. I think I have everything well installed but the point is not made .... what can be the error? thank you

reply | This was helpful (6) (Translated by Google)
Isa 29-10-2021
The video showing the installation is very, very fast. There's no time to see any details...I'm a sewing machine layman, I really need step-by-step instructions to start using my machine and I haven't found anything to help me...

reply | This was helpful (1) (Translated by Google)
Carine PIRAPREZ 02-05-2020
Could you send me a manual in French. Thank you in advance. Madame Carine PIRAPREZ Chaussée de Namur, 101 to 5030 GEMBLOUX. THANK YOU

reply | This was helpful (0) (Translated by Google)
Fóth-Szibler Erika Irén 12-09-2020
Unfortunately, I really can’t get him to work. :( You just don't want to loop the threads. Sew 1 cm and then don't. In vain we adjust the tension, refusing to work Idea? :(

reply | This was helpful (0) (Translated by Google)
Annelise Mikkelsen 11-05-2023
An advantage if the user manual was also in Danish.

reply | This was helpful (0) (Translated by Google)
Ramadan Hussein 13-02-2024
Hello Could you please send me the size, length, width and weight.

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We understand that it’s nice to have a paper manual for your Tristar SM-6000 Sewing Machine. You can always download the manual from our website and print it yourself. If you would like to have an original manual, we recommend you contact Tristar. They might be able to provide an original manual. Are you looking for the manual of your Tristar SM-6000 Sewing Machine in a different language? Choose your preferred language on our homepage and search for the model number to see if we have it available.


Brand Tristar
Model SM-6000
Category Sewing Machines
File type PDF
File size 2.43 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Tristar SM-6000 Sewing Machine

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

What size needle should I use? Verified

The size of the needle depends on the fabric. For a thicker fabric, you will need a thinker needle. The application of the needle of often mentioned on the packaging.

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I have checked everything, but my sewing machine thread keeps breaking, what can I do? Verified

If the upper thread of the machine keeps breaking where the needle enters the fabric, it could be that the needleplate or bobbin case have minor damages in the form of scratches and/or sharp edges. These minor damages can cause the thread to break after a few stitches.

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How long does a sewing machine neelde last? Verified

This varies between manufacturers, but in general a needle will last about 8 hours. It might take longer for the needle to break, but before that it will have become blunt and might damage the fabric.

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My needle keeps breaking, what is causing this? Verified

There can be various reasons for this. The needle may not be the correct one for the selected fabric, the needle may have been set too low, the fabric may not be properly guided or the bobbin case may be placed incorrectly.

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Do I need to turn my sewing machine completely off to replace the needle? Verified

You can change the needle after turning off the product with the on/off switch. When cleaning the product you should disconnect it from the power supply.

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Manual Tristar SM-6000 Sewing Machine

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