Manuals for Switel Wireless Phones

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a base station and a loading station? Verified

The base station is the unit that creates a connection and also charges the handset. A loading station does nothing but charge the handset.

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What does DECT stand for? Verified

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications and is a technology that is primilary used in wireless phones.

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Latest comments

Manual Switel E1500 Wireless Phone
CHARLES RAIS 25-05-2023
Can an answering machine be installed on a Switel E1500? It was possible with Upc, with Sunrise it is no longer possible

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Switel E1500 Wireless Phone
Manual Switel D100 Wireless Phone
G. Thibaut 16-01-2022
Hello, how do I delete new messages? Thank you

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Switel D100 Wireless Phone
Manual Switel D150 Wireless Phone
Pfenninger 15-07-2021
Good day, Ab is switched on, but you cannot record a message

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Switel D150 Wireless Phone
Manual Switel D200 Wireless Phone
nadine poix 31-01-2021
I would like to put my answering machine in French and I do not know how to do it, it answers in English and I do not manage to adjust it those are my correspondents who told me so

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Switel D200 Wireless Phone
Manual Switel D7000 Vita Plus Wireless Phone
Alex 06-01-2021
Do you have display of incoming calls?

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Switel D7000 Vita Plus Wireless Phone