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IAN 311210
Fits small ear canals
Delta-Sport-Nr.: OS-2530
Fits small ear canals
Instructions for use
Kapeille korvakäytäville
För små hörselgångar
Congratulations! With your purchase you have decided
on a high-quality product. Get to know the product before
you start to use it.
Carefully read the following instructions
for use.
Use the product only as described and only for
the given areas of application. Keep these instructions
safe. When passing the product on to a third party,
always make sure that the documentation is included.
Scope of delivery
2 x Travel earplugs - Fits small ear canals
1 x Storage box
1 x Instructions for use
Technical Data
Frequency (HZ) 125 250 500
Average (dB) 26.2 24.2 24.2
Standard deviation (dB) 5.2 4.9 5.6
Assumed protection
value APV (dB)
21.0 19.3 18.6
Frequency (HZ) 1000 2000 4000 8000
Average (dB) 25.2 28.5 37.7 45.4
Standard deviation (dB) 5.6 3.9 5.4 4.8
Assumed protection
value APV (dB)
19.6 24.6 32.3 40.6
(Low Level)
SNR Value
26 dB 21 dB 20 dB 25 dB
Size: S (8mm)
Date of manufacture (year-month):
Intended use
The hearing protection is worn in the ear and provides
protection from harmful noise and irritating sounds. It was
developed for private use.
Delta-Sport Handelskontor GmbH hereby
declares that the PPE ear plugs IAN 311210
are in compliance with the Regulation (EU)
2016/425 and the requirements of the EN 352-2:2002
standards. Certified by the notified body PZT GmbH,
Bismarckstrasse 264 B, D-26389 Wilhelmshaven,
Germany - Germany Notified Body No 1974.
The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is availa-
ble at the following Internet address:
Safety instructions
Important: read these instructions closely and
retain for future reference.
Never leave children unattended with the packaging
material because of the risk of suffocation.
Warning! Not suitable for children under the age of
36 months. There is a risk of suffocation because small
particles can be swallowed or inhaled.
Replace the earplugs if they become soiled or dama-
Risk of injury!
Pay attention to hygiene. Both the article and the ear
canal should always be kept clean.
Inspect the article before use each time for damage or
Do not remove the article from your ear suddenly or too
quickly to prevent injury to the eardrum.
In noisy areas, wear the earplugs without interruption.
Use the earplugs in accordance with the instructions for
Warning! The protective effect of the article may be
seriously impaired if these warnings are not heeded.
Material damage
Keep the article in its storage box and protect against
heat and direct sunlight.
The article may be adversely affected by certain chemi-
cal substances.
Clean the article if it becomes soiled.
Replace if damaged.
For further information, please contact the manufacturer.
Inserting (figs. B-C)
1. With one hand, gently pull ear upwards.
2. Insert the tip of the earplug into the ear canal so that
it is seated correctly and comfortably in the ear.
The earplug‘s vents conform to the ear canal.
Pull ear gently upwards and remove the article.
Cleaning and care
Clean the article after each use with a mild detergent and
allow to dry completely (up to five times, possibly). Do
not wring out!
Do not clean with chemical substances. Keep the article in
the storage box when not in use.
Dispose of the article and the packaging materials in
accordance with current local regulations. Packaging
materials such as foil bags are not suitable to be given to
children. Keep the packaging materials out of the reach
of children.
Dispose of the products and the packaging in
an environmentally friendly manner.
The recycling code is used to identify various
materials for recycling. The code consists of the
recycling symbol – which is meant to represent
the recycling cycle – and a number which
identifies the material.
Service handling
IAN: 311210
Service Great Britain
Tel.: 0800 404 7657
E-Mail: deltaspor[email protected]
Download manual in English (PDF, 0.88 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Sensiplast
Model IAN 311210
Category Ear Plugs
File type PDF
File size 0.88 MB

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