Manual Scheppach DH1000PLUS Demolition Hammer

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5 - 9
Hammer drill
Translation of Original Operating Manual
10 - 14
Marteau perforateur
Traduction des instructions d’origine
15 - 19
Vrtací kladivo
eklad originálního návodu k obsluze
20 - 24
03.07.2017 ser[email protected] +(49)-08223-4002-99 +(49)-08223-4002-58
Nachdrucke, auch auszugsweise, bedürfen der Genehmigung. Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Abbildungen beispielhaft!
Vŕtacie kladivo
Preklad origilu návodu na obsluhu
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Az eredeti használati útmutató fordítása
30 - 34
Wiertarka udarowa
umaczenie z oryginalnej instrukcji
35 - 40
Download manual in English (PDF, 3.04 MB)
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We understand that it’s nice to have a paper manual for your Scheppach DH1000PLUS Demolition Hammer. You can always download the manual from our website and print it yourself. If you would like to have an original manual, we recommend you contact Scheppach. They might be able to provide an original manual. Are you looking for the manual of your Scheppach DH1000PLUS Demolition Hammer in a different language? Choose your preferred language on our homepage and search for the model number to see if we have it available.


Brand Scheppach
Model DH1000PLUS
Category Demolition Hammers
File type PDF
File size 3.04 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Scheppach DH1000PLUS Demolition Hammer

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Do I need to wear hearing protection when using a demolition hammer? Verified

Yes you should. Although the amount of noise produced by a demolition hammer can vary between brands and models, long term exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. That is why it is a good idea to wear hearing protection.

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Can I store power tools in a shed or garage? Verified

In general, you can store power tools in a shed or garage, even if it sometimes freezes there. However, it is better for the lifespan of the power tool to store it in a dry place without major temperature fluctuations. In a shed or garage, differences in temperature can cause condensation to form, which can cause rust. In addition, tools that run on batteries last shorter and do not charge as well at very low temperatures. To be sure how your power tool needs to be stored, always thoroughly read the user manual.

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Manual Scheppach DH1000PLUS Demolition Hammer

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