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Hinweise zum Verständnis
Das Warndreieck kennzeichnet alle für die Sicherheit
wichtigen Anweisungen. Befolgen Sie diese immer,
andernfalls können schwere Verletzungen die Folge
sein! Die Abbildungen zum Text finden Sie auf den
vorderen Umschlagseiten. Halten Sie diese zum
Studium der Anleitung geöffnet.
Important information about these instructions
A warning triangle marks all those instructions which
are important for safety reasons. Always observe
these as failure to do so could result in serious injury!
The illustrations referred to in the text are to be found
inside the front cover pages. Keep these open while
reading the instructions.
Indications pour votre compréhension
Le triangle de signalisation particulier signalise que
les instructions en question sont très importantes
pour la sécurité. Veuillez toujours les suivre pour évi-
ter de graves blessures! Vous trouverez les illustrati-
ons afférantes au texte sur les premières pages.
Maintenez-les ouvertes pour étudier les instructions.
Verklarende aanwijzingen
De gevarendriehoek kenmerkt alle aanwijzingen die
belangrijk zijn voor de veiligheid. Neem deze zeker
altijd in acht, anders kunnen zware verwondingen het
gevolg zijn! De bij de tekst gaande illustraties vindt u
op de voorste uitvouwbare bladzijden. Hou ze open
tijdens het bestuderen van de gebruiksaanwijzing.
Information om markering
Varningstriangeln markerar alla de anvisningar som är
viktiga för säkerheten. Beakta alltid dessa anvisningar
eftersom svåra personskador annars kan uppstå!
Bilderna till texten hittar du på de främre utfällbara
sidorna. Se till att dessa är utfällda när du läser ige-
nom bruksanvisningen.
Avvertenze per una migliore comprensione
Il segnale triangolare di pericolo contrassegna tutte le
avvertenze importanti per la sicurezza. Rispettatele
sempre altrimenti ne possono derivare gravi lesioni! I
disegni nominati nel testo sono riportati all’interno
della prima pagina di copertina. Tenetela aperta leg-
gendo le istruzioni.
Pokyny k porozumění
Varovný trojúhelník označuje všechny pro bezpeč-
nost důležité pokyny.
Vždy se podle nich řiďte, jinak může dojít k těžkým
Obrázky k textu najdete na předních stranách obalu.
Pro studování návodu si tyto rozložte.
Anleitung EKS 2040-1 P 27.10.2004 15:23 Uhr Seite 2
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Brand Royal
Model EKS-2040/1P
Category Chainsaws
File type PDF
File size 1.1 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Royal EKS-2040/1P Chainsaw

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What is the right tension for the chain on my chainsaw? Verified

When pulling up the chains by hand it should be able to lift up to just above or under the guide bar.

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Do I need to wear eye protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes. Small particles can fly up during sawing. When these hit an eye they can cause permanent eye damage. That is why it always necessary to wear eye protection.

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Do I need to wear hearing protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes you should. Although the amount of noise produced by a chainsaw can vary between brands and models, long term exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. That is why it is a good idea to wear hearing protection.

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Manual Royal EKS-2040/1P Chainsaw

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