ROBUR AY00-120 Boiler

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best place to install my boiler? Verified
The best place to install the boiler is close to the location where the most warm water will be used (ie: bathroom). This ensures a quick supply of warm water and minimal heat loss.

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Is it useful to switch off my boiler during absence or vacation? Verified
Many modern boilers are very energy efficient. During an absence or vacation that lasts 1 week or less it will take more energy to heat the water again than to keep the water at the current temperature. During absences that last longer than 1 week it might save energy to switch off the boiler.

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My boiler will only produce lukewarm water, why is that? Verified
This probably means that the thermostat is broken. Contact the manufacturer for advice.

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What is the difference between a boiler and a gas boiler? Verified
A boiler heats the water before you want to use it. A gas boiler heats the water at the moment that it is needed. This means that with a regular boiler, you can run out of warm water when the reservoir is empty.

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