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Here you can share what you think about the Reebok GB40s Exercise Bike. If you have a question, first carefully read the manual. Requesting a manual can be done by using our contact form.

Graham Ross 15-10-2021
What is the distance measured in Km or miles? If Km how do you change to Miles

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georgina Swindells 13-11-2021
i have suddenly no function its like no electricty supply. checked all that any ideas bike not year old yet very frustrating. HELP

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M Karlsson 27-11-2021
How do I charge my computer? Can't find outlet.

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Erika 12-03-2022
What does the code E5 mean?

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xxx 03-09-2020
I don't understand the built-in programs described in the manual. I assume the vertical scale represents the resistance level 1-5. If the horizontal scale is time how long is each unit? And does the program go back to the beginning or stop at then end. Why does the manual just give those diagrams with no explanation?

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Lelle 10-11-2021
Error code e1

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Theresa edwards 16-05-2022
Where do i plug the electric in on the bike

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Carsten 21-01-2023
The resistance can no longer be adjusted. You can hardly step on the pedals. What can you do? Thanks very much

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MIKE 16-09-2020
Can any one explain to me when the comp is in H.R.C. mode why does the timer just stop as if it is waiting for something?.I haven't a clue what!.

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Beginner 15-01-2022
Tip: if you cant tighten the saddle up fully you need a better spanner (13mm) and a little bit more muscle power the spanner supplied is not good for that part of the job. I had the same problem and found this tip so im passing on the knowledge.

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Vincent 12-06-2021
Hello, Can't I secure the saddle? It turns on itself… is this normal? Thank you for your comeback.

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Camille 20-10-2021
Same problem, have you found the solution?

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georgina Swindells 23-08-2021
GB40 bike no power ? electric supply fine has been working

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Graciela 01-03-2023
The battery terminal is leaking. What I do?

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Robert Rid 07-06-2023
Keep getting the E-5 error when powering up the Reebok GB40s, have checked the cables. It goes through all the start up screens and then E-5 appears every time

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Suzanne 11-06-2024
Goedemiddag, Ik heb een hometrainer Reebok gb40s Nu lees ik op internet, dat hij verschillende standen kan. Ik krijg hem niet op de stand: beginner, sporty, advanced, cardio. Hij wil alleen maar Manual, program, user program, wait en H.R.C met de pijltjes toets Hoe krijg ik hem op beginner, sporty, advanced en cardio? lukt niet met de pijltjes toets Mvg, Suzanne

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Brand Reebok
Model GB40s
Category Exercise Bikes
File type PDF
File size 57.98 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reebok GB40s Exercise Bike

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

My exercise bike makes a ticking sound when pedaling, what can I do about that? Verified

In most cases the sounds is caused by the pedals. It can be solved by taking them of and properly mount them again. It's also possible that there is a loose cable inside the casing that comes in contact with moving parts. Remove the casing and plug the cable in it's correct location or make it does not come in contact with moving parts.

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What muscles are trained when using an exercise bike? Verified

When correctly using an exercise bike you train abdominal, gluteal and leg muscles.

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What is the maximum heart rate during exercise? Verified

In general you can take a heart rate of 220 and deduct your age. So for a person aged 48 the maximum heart rate would be 220 minus 48 equaling 172. If you are unsure of your personal condition, be sure to consult your doctor.

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How much exercise does an average adult need? Verified

As an adult it is a good idea to perform moderately intensive exercise for a total ot at least 2.5 hours a week. Ideally this is spread out over several days.

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Manual Reebok GB40s Exercise Bike

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