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MAX 20
REV. 4.0
Download manual in English (PDF, 6.84 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Here you can share what you think about the Rcom MAX 20 Incubator. If you have a question, first carefully read the manual. Requesting a manual can be done by using our contact form.

Broedkast R-com max20 ned 17-03-2019
I would like to find the manual for incubator R-com max 20

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Frank Houben 29-12-2021
Is there also a Dutch manual

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marianne 22-12-2021
The r com 20 continues to indicate via the sound of the flashing light that it warns there is no water in it but there is water the ball is up who knows what to do

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Lisa Bolton 22-05-2022
We have an RCOM-20 and love it! We've had it for years. Recently we started getting an error message when we first plug it in. I am reading online that the sensor may need cleaned but I cannot locate the sensor. Can anyone assist?

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willem 14-03-2021
nice incubator, was looking for the manual because I didn't know how to turn off the humidity calibration function.

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marianne 22-12-2021
We have had this r com 20 max for a while now a nice device but now the light of the water continues to burn and there is water in it we can see from the ball who knows what advice hope someone knows

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schacht marnick 25-03-2022
it may be that the flexible intestine is dead or clogged by limescale and no water can pass through to the 2nd water container, this may be due to standing still during the winter and also always use demineralized water for irons etc...……... the ball is in the 1st water bowl.

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Rousseau 25-01-2022
Hello, I have an R com 20 max incubator and it suddenly turns off that's my question why is that allowed rousseau

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jan schalen 17-08-2023
how do I get a Dutch manual? over the internet a mess

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We understand that it’s nice to have a paper manual for your Rcom MAX 20 Incubator. You can always download the manual from our website and print it yourself. If you would like to have an original manual, we recommend you contact Rcom. They might be able to provide an original manual. Are you looking for the manual of your Rcom MAX 20 Incubator in a different language? Choose your preferred language on our homepage and search for the model number to see if we have it available.


Brand Rcom
Model MAX 20
Category Incubators
File type PDF
File size 6.84 MB

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Manual Rcom MAX 20 Incubator

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