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ARNING! The machine can be a
dangerous tool if used incorrectly or
carelessly, which can cause serious or
fatal injury to the operator or others.
Please read the operator’s manual
carefully and make sure you understand
the instructions before using the machine.
Keep all parts of your body away from hot
Always wear boots and other equipment
described under the heading Personal
protective equipment.
Always wear:
Hearing protection
Approved eye protection
A breathing mask should be used when
there is a risk of dust.
Wear protective hair covering to contain
long hair.
Never put hands or other objects into
blower housing to avoid serious injury
from the rotating impeller.
Never wear loose-fitting clothing, jewellery
or similar that can get caught in moving
Only use the machine for the purpose it
was intended for.
The blower can forcibly throw objects
that can bounce back. This can result
in serious eye injuries if the recom-
mended safety equipment is not
The blower operator must
make sure that no
bystanders or animals
come nearer than 15
metres. Whenever several
operators are working in the same work area, they should
maintain a safe distance of at least 15 metres from one
Air purge
Other symbols/decals on the mac
hine refer to special
certification requirements for certain markets.
Switch off the engine by moving the stop
switch to the STOP position before
carrying out any checks or maintenance.
Switch on the engine by moving the stop
switch to the ON position before starting.
Always wear protective gloves.
Regular cleaning is required.
Visual check.
Protective goggles or a visor must be
Choke lever in ”open position”.
Choke lever in ”closed position”.
Z 87
Download manual in English (PDF, 12.77 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Poulan
Model PR48BT
Category Leaf Blowers
File type PDF
File size 12.77 MB

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Manual Poulan PR48BT Leaf Blower

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