Manual PetRebels Avenue 205 Cat Tree

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Tierspielzeug - nicht unzerstörbar!
Benutzung nur unter unmittelbarer Aufsicht von Erwachsenen! Nicht
für Kinder geeignet!
Gefahr des Verschluckens von Kleinteilen!
Gefahr der Strangulation! Der Aufbau muss von Erwachsenen
durchgeführt werden. Nach dem Zusammenbau ist eine
Endkontrolle durchzuführen!
Huisdier Speelgoed- niet onverwoestbaar!
Gebruik alléén onder strikt toezicht van een volwassene! Niet ge-
schikt voor kinderen! Gevaar voor inslikken van kleine onderdelen!
Risico tot wurging! Montage dient te gebeuren door volwassenen.
Controleren voor gebruik.
Jouet pour animal de compagnie - n‘est pas indestructible!
A utiliser sous la surveillance d‘un adulte!
Ne convient pas aux enfants! Risque d‘ingestion de petites
pièces! Risque de strangulation! L‘assemblage doit être assuré
par un adulte - Verier avant l‘emploi.
Animal toy - not indestructible!
Usage under direct supervision of adults only! Not suitable for children!
Danger of swallowing of small pieces! Danger of strangulation!
Adult assembly is required - check before use!
Giocattolo per animali - non è indistruttibile! Utilizzare sot-
to la diretta supervisione degli adulti! Non adatto per bambini!
Pericolo di ingestione di piccole parti! Pericolo di soffocamento!
Adulti requesti per controllo dell‘ assemblaggio. Controllare prima
Juguete para animales - no es indestructible! Uso bajo
supervisión directa de adultos! No es apto para niños!
Peligro de ingestión de piezas pequeñas! - Peligro de asxia! El
montaje deberá ser realizado por adultos - Controlar antes del
avenue 205
90 X 50 X 205 cm
Download manual in English (PDF, 0.42 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand PetRebels
Model Avenue 205
Category Cat Trees
File type PDF
File size 0.42 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about PetRebels Avenue 205 Cat Tree

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I have a cat tree. Do I still need to clip my cat's nails? Verified

If the cat remains inside, it is possible that apart from using the cat tree, clipping its nails is. A cat that is allowed outside needs its nails, for example as a defense mechanism.

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What is the best place for a cat tree? Verified

Although the best placement depends on many factors, in general a good place for a cat tree is near a window. This allows the cat to sunbathe and be entertained by looking outside. Also, don’t place the cat tree too close to the litter box.

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Manual PetRebels Avenue 205 Cat Tree

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