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Frequently Asked Questions

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My scale shows an unrealistically low weight when I stand on it, why is that? Verified

For the best result, the scale should be standing on a hard level surface. When the scale is standing on for example a rug this can influence the measurement.

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What is BMI? Verified

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and can be calculated by dividing your weight in kilogram by your length in meters squared. For example someone with a weight of 70 kilogram and a lenght of 1,75 meter has a BMI of 22,86. A BMI between 18,5 and 25 is considered healthy.

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A battery in my device is oxidized, can I still safely use it? Verified

Ja, the device can still be safely used. Firstly, remove the oxidizd battery. Never use bare hands to do this. Then clean the battery compartment with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar or lemon juice. Let it dry and insert new batteries.

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Can I use a scale with wet feet? Verified

This depends on the scale. When using a diagnostic scale it is necessary that your feet are dry in order to properly perform the measurements.

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Manual Logik LBSFULL16E Scale
Jan Andersson 01-01-2024
How do I change the unit lbs to kg?

(Translated by Google)
Logik LBSFULL16E Scale
Manual Logik LBS13E Scale
Liz 09-07-2022
I purchased my scale (LBS16E) and it says it comes with a battery. The battery wasn't included in the packaging so I assumed it was already installed, however I wasn't able to turn on the scale following the instructions in the manual (standing on it on a hard surface). Is there a different way to initially turn on the scale? Or are the batteries not installed and just weren't included with mine?

Logik LBS13E Scale