Manual Panasonic CS-NZ25TKE Air Conditioner

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Dansk Suomi Norsk Svenska English
Model No.
Indoor Unit Outdoor Unit
Operating Instructions
Air Conditioner
Operating Instructions
Air Conditioner
Before operating the unit, please read these operating
instructions thoroughly and keep them for future reference.
The included Installation Instructions should be kept and
read by the installer before installation.
Remote control is packaged in the indoor unit and
removed by the installer before installation.
Innan du använder enheten, läs noga igenom denna
bruksanvisning och spara den för framtida bruk.
De medföljande installationsanvisningarna ska sparas och
läsas av installatören före installationen.
Fjärrkontrollen fi nns i inomhusenheten och tas bort av
installatören före installationen.
Les bruksanvisningen nøye før du bruker denne
enheten, og oppbevar den for fremtidig bruk.
Installatøren bør oppbevare og lese de medfølgende
installasjonsinstruksene før installasjon. Fjernkontrollen
skal pakkes inn i innendørsenheten og fjernes av
installatøren før installasjon.
Lue nämä käyttöohjeet huolellisesti ennen yksikön
käyttämistä ja säilytä ne tulevaisuutta varten.
Sisällytetyt asennusohjeet tulee pitää ja lukea asentajan
toimesta ennen asennusta.
Kaukosäädin on pakattu sisätilayksikköön ja poistetaan
asentajan toimesta ennen asennusta.
Læs brugsanvisningen grundigt igennem før du
benytter anlægget og gem den til fremtidig brug.
De inkluderede installationsinstruktioner skal opbevares og
læses af montøren før installationen.
Fjernbetjeningen er pakket i den indendørs enhed og
fjernet af montøren inden installationen.
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Mads Holst 30-11-2020
I do not understand how to operate my Panasonic nz35tke. And I do not get help in the machine translated manual which is also found here on the website. Can Panasonic really not provide an understandable operating manual? I think we have got a good product, but we are certainly not happy about it because we can not operate it. It is then mindless they have just chosen to save there.

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Ole Thielemann 17-07-2021
Do you have a detailed user manual for CS-NZ25VKE which explains i.a. The AUTO function and other selectable functions in your AC?

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Per Dahl Nielsen 01-12-2021
The heat pump CZ-NZ25VKE is probably a good product, but I did not find a useful operating manual that describes, for example, how the timer function works, it does not matter if it runs in 24-hour operation. The description the auto function versus the heat function is non-existent, and that in relation to another heat source. There is clear room for improvement in the description of the product.

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F Clement 06-12-2021
How do I set via wifi remote control air heat pump to heat 8 degrees inside, it will be really cold,

reply | This was helpful (15) (Translated by Google)
Ole Thielemann 17-07-2021
(Continued ...) - when the AUTO function reaches temp. the limit at e.g. cooling, then it shifts ten heat production !! instead of just throttling down the cooling - how smart is that? The Android APP is directly bad and lacks a lot of functionality as well as reading out any. error codes. Your product has not really kept up with the times unfortunately!

reply | This was helpful (7) (Translated by Google)
Ole Thielemann 17-07-2021
"Dear Panasonic" - it's disappointing to read the operating instructions for your AC - CS-NZ25VKE. Despite the fact that you try to seem innovative, the product has not really kept up with the times. For example. the room temperature is still measured in the unit itself instead of a separate sensor. The various functions of cooling, dehumidification etc. are not explained at all in your instructions for use and the AUTO function (except that it is not described either), must be said to be catastrophically implemented and expensive to operate - obsolete cons

reply | This was helpful (6) (Translated by Google)
Dorte Larsen 04-02-2021
Has a CS-nz25tke which is controlled by a mobile. Can others control the heat pump with the remote control in the house without the mobile control being switched off and vice versa? Roll-over accidents one function the other?

reply | This was helpful (1) (Translated by Google)
Dorte Larsen 06-02-2021
Has not received an answer to questions. Do the manual remote control and the mobile control work together?

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Brand Panasonic
Model CS-NZ25TKE
Category Air Conditioners
File type PDF
File size 3.71 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Panasonic CS-NZ25TKE Air Conditioner

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

How often should I clean or replace the filters in my air conditioner? Verified

It's advisable to check the filters of your air conditioner 4 times a year. Dirty filters can be cleaned with the use of a vacuum cleaner or can be washed, depending on which type they are. During maintenance a professional should judge whether it is time to replace the filters.

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What does BTU stand for? Verified

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. This is unit to indicate the capacity to cool.

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Does every air conditioner also function as a dehumidifier? Verified

The cold air produced by an air conditioner often has a relatively low humidity. However, the effect is less than when using an actual dehumidifier. Some air conditioners do have a special feature to dehumidify the air.

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What is R-410A? Verified

R-410A is a cooling agent that is used in appliances that cool up to 0°C, like refrigerators and air conditioners. It is the replacement of older cooling agents and does not damage the ozon layer.

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Can I place my mobile air conditioner in a cabinet to get it out of sight? Verified

No, absolutely not. A mobile air conditioner needs space to allow airflow and air intake. In a small space the device can overheat.

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What is the best place to mount the indoor unit of a split-type air conditioner? Verified

This depends on the space, but in general the following rules can be followed. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the airflow. Make sure the location is accessible for maintenance. Mount the unit at least 2 meters from the ground.

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Does an air conditioner have a negative influence on air quality? Verified

If the air conditioner has been properly maintained then it will have no influence on air quality. If for example a filter hasn't been replaced for a long time, or other maintenance has not been performed, than an air conditioner can produce dirty air.

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Manual Panasonic CS-NZ25TKE Air Conditioner

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