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Safety instrucons
The users manual is a part of the sprayer. Please keep it in good condions. In order to ulize and maintain the sprayer in a good manner, please
read the user’s manual carefully prior to operaon. If you have any doubt, contact the supplier.
The sprayers shall be used only with plant protecon products approved by local/naonal regulatory authories (e.G. Bba) for plant protecon
products for use with knapsack sprayers.
Intended use
Fit for pest control of small nursery, owers and garden, as well as cleaning of home environment and sterilizing of livestock and fowl houses.
Read the instrucon before using and keep for
future reference!
PPE requirement: The operator shall wear a mask,
operaon hat, protecon clothes, water-proof glove
and rubber boot etc. in the process of spraying
Warehousing and maintaining of pescide. It shall be kept
out of the reach of children. Disposal of pescide shall
follow the safety instrucons furnished by its manufac-
In case of inhaling: Immediately leave the poisonous
place to a well-venlated place. Make sure ask for medi-
cal advice. In case of intoxicaon via skin contact, please
rinse with water immediately. In case of ingeson, induce
voming with clean water or salt water and go to hospital
as soon as possible.
Never spray at human beings or animals.
Never operate against adverse wind.
The sprayer is NOT a toy.
The residual chemical shall be kept in a con-
tainer instead of being poured onto the eld,
ground and rivers. Empty boles and bags
must be collected and sent to the competent
recycling authority.
Only trained, healthy and rested operators
may work with the product. Do not use the
product when red, ill or under the inuence
of alcohol, drugs or medicaon.
Ensure inexperienced users receive a proper
training before use.
Never use strong acid, strong alkaline and
inammable soluons. Never use highly-tox-
ic and highly-persistent pescide for pest
control of vegetables, melon crops, fruit trees,
tee, herbal medicines etc. And the harvesng
me aer pescide applicaon shall be long
Keep far away from heat sources and prevent
against exposure to strong sunshine.
Don’t keep at a public place unaended
which may endanger public security.
• Do not aempt to remove congesons by blowing into parts of the product with your mouth.
• Do not connect the product to another pressure source e.g. air compressor.
• Secure the product against falling, overturn, vibraon, extremely high or low temperatures, direct sunlight and impacts during transportaon to avoid
damages and spillage.
• Do not aempt to repair or modify the product in any way. Clean and maintain the product as described within this instrucon manual. Only use spare
parts and accessories recommended by the manufacturer. Repairs shall only be carried out by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualied per-
sons. Failure to do so may result in hazard.
• Check the product regularly each year aer winter by using of clean water. Check product before each use
• Consider wind, rain and other climate and environmental condions to avoid hazard through uncontrolled or unintended liquid distribuon. Avoiding dri
during spraying operaon.
• Do not use the sprayer when any leakages, uneven spray jet.
• The liquid for applicaon in this Sprayer
shall not exceed 40°C.
• Trial spraying with clean water , and a check
of tank, hose, shut-o and nozzle for possible
leakage are required prior to operaon.
• The preparaon of chemical shall follow the instrucons and formula furnished by the pescide manu-
facturer. Unauthorized altering of the diluon rate of chemical is prohibited, which may either endanger
the human being and animal, or result in the failure of pest control.
Check the volume applicaon rate before work.
• Upon the nish of operaon, you shall change clothes and wash those exposed part of body such as
hands and face. In case of highly toxic pescide and germicide, a shower aer operaon is required to
ensure safety.
Download manual in English (PDF, 0.43 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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Brand Nakayama
Model NS8010
Category Garden Sprayers
File type PDF
File size 0.43 MB

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Manual Nakayama NS8010 Garden Sprayer

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