Manuals for FireHawk Smoke Detectors

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where should I place my smoke detector? Verified
This depends on the situation, but in a home it is best to place at least one smoke detector on every floor. Try to place them in hallways or other spaces that connect different rooms and never place the smoke detector directly next to a kitchen or bathroom. Also keep at least 30 centimeters of space between a smoke detector and a lamp.

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Can I use candles if I have a smoke detector? Verified
This partially depends on the sensitivity of the smoke detector. In many cases a candle can be used as long as it is not placed in direct proximity of the smoke detector. When blowing out the candles, smoke can be generated that might trigger the smoke detector.

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Is a smoke detector the same as a carbon monoxide detector? Verified
No! A smoke detector will not function as a carbon monoxide detector and vice versa.

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