Mini Cooper Convertible (2004)

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Download manual in English (PDF, 2.67 MB)


Frequently Asked Questions

My car has a timing chain, what is the replacement interval for it?
With normal use, a timing chain should last the entire lifespan of the car and does not need to be replaced.

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When should the airbag on the side of the passenger seat be switched off?
When driving with a child in a car seat on the passenger seat, the airbag on that side should be switched off. This is also advisable for children up to 12 years old that take place in the passenger seat. This is to prevent injuries in case of an accident.

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I filled my car with the wrong fuel, what should I do?
Do not drive! It does not matter wether you put diesel in a gasoline car or gasoline in a diesel car. In both cases it can cause damage to the enige and/or other parts of the car. Contact roadside assistance.

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Will a lower tire pressure result in more grip when driving in the snow?
No, although the tires will have more surface in contact with the road with a lower pressure, it will nevertheless result in less stability. Always drive with the correct tire pressure!

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