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FR Thermomètre infrarouge
T Termometro a infrarossi
S Termómetro por infrarrojos
T Termómetro de infravermelhos
L Infraroodthermometer
I Infrapunakuumemittari
E Infraröd termometer
Infrared thermometer
Θερμόμετρο υπέρυθρων ακτινών
Mode d’emploi
Istruzioni per l´uso
Instrucciones de manejo
Bitte sorgfältig lesen!
Please read carefully!
A lire attentivement s.v.p.!
Da leggere con attenzione!
¡Por favor lea con cuidado!
Manual de instruções
Οδηγίες χρήσης
Por favor, ler cuidadosamente!
A.u.b. zorgvuldig lezen!
Lue huolellisesti läpi!
Läses noga!
Παρακαλούμε διαβάσετε με προσοχή!
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
TM 750
Art. 76140
Download manual in English (PDF, 2.63 MB)
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Here you can share what you think about the Medisana TM 750 Thermometer. If you have a question, first carefully read the manual. Requesting a manual can be done by using our contact form.

Tarja59 07-01-2021
Hi, I bought a Medisana tm a75 ear thermometer, but I can't remove the plastic sensor cover for the ear measurement, can anyone advise. Have to press somewhere when it feels pretty tight. I tried to pull, but I couldn't get the cover off.

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milani domenico 23-11-2019
I question the intelligence of whoever designed this thermometer for me should change jobs. Since mercury was outlawed, we have been waiting for a thermometer that can measure fever as precisely and simply as the mercury thermometer, but unfortunately we are still waiting. I bought this thermometer and I must say that after reading and trying for months I still have not been able to make it work, it has a thousand useless functions and the fever function is missing.

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Banive 07-01-2021
The thermometer always displays 1 degree less, for example 36.1 instead of 37.1. Parameter error?

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Lody Kruithof 09-12-2022
When I received this thermometer, I did not find a loose protective cap on the sensor and no beeps can be heard

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Carla verda 28-01-2021
I still don't understand how it works and each forehead measurement is different from the previous one. What about the instructions in Italian where in point 2 it says: "in order to detect the body temperature on the forehead the sensor must be applied". At point 3 it tells you again verbatim: "hold the device with the sensor without protective cap, on one temple and press ...

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Karin 22-01-2022
Hey! We have a newly purchased thermometer from you that shows different degrees on repeated testing. My partner probably has a fever but not as high as the thermometer shows (39.5 ° as the highest) - our regular thermometer shows 37.6 ° - which feels more reasonable. I am fever-free but according to the thermometer have up to 38.4 ° - I am usually a low temp. We have tested both against the forehead and in the ear. How can we ensure that we get the right result when measuring?

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Jos Verstraeten 23-02-2021
You can set YEAR-MONTH-DATE. However, I can't figure out how to set the HOUR and MINUTES!!!

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Monyr Naima 28-11-2021
I think I have to study German or Polish or Romanian to be able to read the instructions since the package does not include the one with the Italian language or even the international one such as English !!

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Roberto. 03-01-2022
T found the explanations excellent thanks

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Piet Canon 23-07-2020
The beep confirming that the measurement is complete is inaudible to someone with moderate hearing.

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Helene 09-02-2023
How can the instructions be found and printed? Tried several times, without success.

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Dominique Levesque 03-01-2020
Hello, I used this thermometer during the first fever. The results are disparate: with the forehead thermometer, the results vary from 37 to 39.1 ° and with the little finger, it does not exceed 37.5. The thermometer had been in the same room as me for several hours. Result: I have no confidence in this tool.

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Franco 07-06-2020
The measurement methodology is not straightforward to understand, and there are too many factors that cause measurement errors. The thermometer must settle for half an hour, the frontal measurement requires the thermometer to be moved from one temple to the other by keeping the button pressed, and the results are always discordant between one measurement and another. Ultimately, impractical and unreliable, it is done first with a normal thermometer, which with a single measurement gives a certain result.

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KADDOUCH 30-09-2020

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Corien Stijger 01-11-2022
Where can I buy the plastic protective caps? So hygienic.

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Sj de Boer 04-01-2023
Maybe a nice product but a terrible manual that needs a loop to read and which is also not printable and I still don't know how it works with all the functions. The 2 caps are difficult to remove and the batteries just fit, too tight

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[email protected] 19-06-2023
Absolutely useless for a device used in healthcare. Just keep your fingers away...... Protective caps cannot be removed without destroying them. With new batteries - empty battery is displayed - the LO display can no longer be removed. The results that eventually appear are a joke (between 24° and 33°). Such a device would have to be officially removed from the market.

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Cees de Lange 08-10-2023
I tried for hours to use the manual, but I couldn't get this device to work. Clearly a bad buy, I will buy one in a store where I can go back in situations like this for an explanation and/or exchange/refund.

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Sietie 29-12-2023
What is an easy way to remove the sensor cover? Should you turn or just pull? It is very heavy and there is no rough side where you can get hold of it. Who knows the answer ?

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Brand Medisana
Model TM 750
Category Thermometers
File type PDF
File size 2.63 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Medisana TM 750 Thermometer

Our support team searches for useful product information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you find an inaccuracy in our frequently asked questions, please let us know by using our contact form.

I just took my temperature but what is actually considered a 'healthy' body temperature? Verified

This partially depends on the body part where the temperature was taken. The following can be considered healthy: Forehead 35,8 to 37,6 °C, Ear 36 to 37,8°C, rectally 36,3 to 37,8°C and orally 36 to 37,4°C.

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What parts of the body are best to measure body temperature? Verified

This depends on the thermometer. Some thermometers are designed for use on specific parts of the body. With a regular thermometer, rectal usage is the fastest and most accurate way to measure body temperature.

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From what temperature does a person officially have a fever? Verified

A temperature above 38°C is officially considered a fever.

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Manual Medisana TM 750 Thermometer

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