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Mobility Scooter
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Here you can share what you think about the Kymco Maxi XLS ForU Mobility Scooter. If you have a question, first carefully read the manual. Requesting a manual can be done by using our contact form.

David Wooster 29-12-2019
Green light flashes 2 times intermittently and scooter will not run

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Jules Sanders 19-05-2023
The scooter has been in the shed over winter but has been charged regularly and light comes on and flashes it moved for few seconds then will not come back on after pushing back parking switch up and down could you explain what is wrong as the battery is fully charged\?

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RAY 11-07-2023
seems I am not the only one who has this happening . I had a new maxi and there is a beep code of 3 flashes then it go's 2 flashes . you can take off the battery lead on the - then leave it for 3 hr's . then put - lead back on and it will work back and forward but when you hit it off it go's back to the same. 3 then 2 flash . what is wrong with it .

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Linda DeP 17-01-2024
Have always been told that if you put scooter away for winter, at least once or twice a week ,run it up and down the road a few times. Don't charge until nearly flat. Also, I found putting a silver thermal sheet over the battery area helps with warmth. Scooter, when cold, don't tike running well and will play up. If the batterys have never been replaced and over 2/3 years old, they may need replacing. Hope this helps.

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Kathleen Round 24-07-2021
How many miles does the kymco mobility scooter do to a full battery

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Roger 07-04-2022
How long does it take to fully charge from scratch

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desmond 04-11-2019
how to fit brushes?

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David Snelling 06-12-2019
Please could you give me the dimensions of the batteries fitted to the KYMCO MAXI XLS L W H

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Derek rees 14-01-2021
How do I take headlights of my kymco maxi xls mobility scooter

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Karen 12-07-2022
Have power to battery just won't go any suggestions

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Joan worley 22-08-2020
Is there brushes

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RON Cuthbert 08-03-2022
Mirror has come lose how do you tie ten it up

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Robert Wakeling 15-08-2023
10 green flashes on Kymo 8 miler. Suggest it is motor failure How do i remove the back cover to find the motor number?

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Brand Kymco
Model Maxi XLS ForU
Category Mobility Scooters
File type PDF
File size 3.74 MB

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Manual Kymco Maxi XLS ForU Mobility Scooter

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