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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to peel the fruit before putting it in the juicer? Verified

No, generally you can insert unpeeled fruitinto a juicer. The peels will be collected with the pulp. It is a good idea to remove any possible stones from the fruit.

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What is the difference between a juicer and a citrus juicer? Verified

A citrus juicer presses juice from citrusfruit that needs to be halved first and it will leave the pulp in the fruit. A juicer will twist and press a whole piece of fruit through a sieve and collects the pulp, resulting in a larger amount of juice.

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Latest comments

Manual Severin ES 3566 Juicer
[email protected] 20-11-2023
I can't get the filter out

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Severin ES 3566 Juicer
Manual Severin ES 3566 Juicer
Susan T. 04-03-2023
It is not possible to disassemble the juicer by tilting it back and forth to empty/remove the strainer and filter...I'm glad I tried it before juicing....What can I do...X times the Read the manual and try it several times, what's wrong with it?

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Severin ES 3566 Juicer
Manual Severin ES 3566 Juicer
Katia Floris 07-04-2022
Hi I wanted to know how to clean and disassemble the filter inside

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Severin ES 3566 Juicer
Manual Severin ES 3559 Juicer
Claudia 02-10-2021
How do I remove the grater insert

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Severin ES 3559 Juicer
Manual Severin ES 3571 Juicer
Gerd Krüger 22-11-2020
I can't find any information about the function of the rubber strap that should be inserted into the pomace ejection before juicing begins. Finder no indication of when the tab should or must be pulled out. Please tell me about it - best regards

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Severin ES 3571 Juicer