Kibernetik Nanyo 35AA Air Conditioner

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean or replace the filters in my air conditioner? Verified
It's advisable to check the filters of your air conditioner 4 times a year. Dirty filters can be cleaned with the use of a vacuum cleaner or can be washed, depending on which type they are. During maintenance a professional should judge whether it is time to replace the filters.

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What does BTU stand for? Verified
BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. This is unit to indicate the capacity to cool.

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What is R-410A? Verified
R-410A is a cooling agent that is used in appliances that cool up to 0°C, like refrigerators and air conditioners. It is the replacement of older cooling agents and does not damage the ozon layer.

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Can I place my mobile air conditioner in a cabinet to get it out of sight? Verified
No, absolutely not. A mobile air conditioner needs space to allow airflow and air intake. In a small space the device can overheat.

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What is the best place to mount the indoor unit of a split-type air conditioner? Verified
This depends on the space, but in general the following rules can be followed. Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the airflow. Make sure the location is accessible for maintenance. Mount the unit at least 2 meters from the ground.

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