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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best way to disassemble my IKEA product? Verified
IKEA states that the best way to disassemble their products is to follow the instructions backwards.

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There is a screw/plug/nail missing from my IKEA product. Where can I get a replacement? Verified
Every IKEA has a section where you can take free screws, plugs and other fixings.

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I want to remove a wooden dowel from my IKEA product, but I can't get it out. What should I do? Verified
It's best to use a pair of pliers and use light pressure to remove the dowel. Don't squeeze too hard, or else the dowel will lose its grip.

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What is the ideal height of an office chair relative to a desk? Verified
To achieve an optimal sitting position the chair should be at a height that your feet are flat on the floor and your upper and lower legs are at a 90 degree angle. While in this position, touch your collar bone and let your arm hang along your body. The height of your elbow is the ideal height of your desk.

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Pam 20-01-2020
Do you sell replacement pads for the arms on a Millberet 22121 1811? White- it has torn

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Salman Ahmad 06-12-2020
the wheels of my new millberget chair are not spinning and the wheels are very hard. is it normal ? and how to fix them.

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Bert Rex 01-02-2021
What size are the bolts that go into the bottom seat of the Millberget office chair?

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