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Symbols on the mac
ARNING! Chain saws can be
dangerous! Careless or incorrect use can
result in ser
ious or fatal injury to the
operator or others.
Please read the operator’s manual
carefully and mak
e sure you understand
the instructions before using the
Always wear:
Approved protective helmet
Approved hearing protection
Protective goggles or a visor
This product is in accordance with
le EC directives.
Noise emission to the environment
according to the European Comm
Directive. The machine’s emission is
specified in the Technical data chapter
and on the label.
Both of the operator
s hands must be
used to oper
ate the chain saw.
Never operate a chain saw holding it with
one hand only
Never let the guide bar tip come in
contact with an
y object.
Use appropriate protections for foot-leg
and hand-ar
WARNING! Kickback may occur when
the nose or tip of the guide bar touches
an object, and cause a lightning f
reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar
up and towards the operator. May
cause serious personal injury.
This saw should only be used by
persons who are specially tr
in tree maintenance work. See
operator’s manual!
Chain brake, activated (right)
Chain br
ake, not activated (left)
Air purge.
Adjustment of the oil pump.
Chain oil fill.
Working position.
Other symbols/decals on the mac
hine refer to special
tification requirements for certain markets.
Download manual in English (PDF, 19.84 MB)
(Consider the environment and only print this manual if it is really necessary)



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MICHEL GAUME 25-08-2021

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Umberto 01-06-2020
Very good product. I would like to know what the "lock" button located behind the handle is used for

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Brand Husqvarna
Model T435
Category Chainsaws
File type PDF
File size 19.84 MB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Husqvarna T435 Chainsaw

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What is the right tension for the chain on my chainsaw? Verified

When pulling up the chains by hand it should be able to lift up to just above or under the guide bar.

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Do I need to wear hearing protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes you should. Although the amount of noise produced by a chainsaw can vary between brands and models, long term exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. That is why it is a good idea to wear hearing protection.

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Do I need to wear eye protection when using a chainsaw? Verified

Yes. Small particles can fly up during sawing. When these hit an eye they can cause permanent eye damage. That is why it always necessary to wear eye protection.

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Manual Husqvarna T435 Chainsaw

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