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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are dark spots on the heating element, is that a problem? Verified

No, this has no effect on the ability to toast bread and does not indicate damage to the toaster.

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If I use my toaster more than once at a time, the bread will burn faster. Why is that? Verified

Most toasters work with a heating element. When the toaster is used for a first time, it needs heat up from room temperature. When directly after that more bread is toasted, the heating element is already hot and the bread is toasted faster.

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Latest comments

Manual Philips HD2639 Toaster
Barbara Nanninga 08-02-2024
No clear description of the different function buttons. I see I'm not the only one having this problem.

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Philips HD2639 Toaster
Manual Philips HD2686 Pure Essentials Collection Toaster
Chris 06-01-2024
Good morning, we have had the HD 2686 toaster for years and have been very satisfied. Now a roasting compartment no longer heats up. Before replacing the toaster, we wanted to ask whether a repair made sense for sustainability reasons. .

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Philips HD2686 Pure Essentials Collection Toaster
Manual Philips HD2639 Toaster
nando 18-09-2023
explanation of the three buttons

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Philips HD2639 Toaster
Manual Philips HD2581 Toaster
giovanna brizioli 01-09-2023
I would like to clean the toaster, how can I do it? the bottom is unreachable

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Philips HD2581 Toaster
Manual Philips HD2648 Toaster
Antoon Den Ouden 09-06-2023

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Philips HD2648 Toaster