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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does the ignition on my range make a clicking sound? Verified

If the range has ben cleaned with a lot of water, the knobs might have gotten wet, triggering the ignition. Let the knobs dry. If the problem persists you should contact the manufacturer.

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The oven in my range does not get warm enough, what should I do? Verified

The thermostat makes sure the ovens heats up to the designated temperature. It is likely that the thermostat is defective. Have it replaced. When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

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Which pans can be used on an induction range? Verified

In general all pans that are magnetic can be used on an induction range. Almost all new pans are suited for induction.

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My range has a power plug that doesn't fit a regular socket, what should I do? Verified

Many electric ranges (both ceramic and induction) have a different plug. This is because these appliances require a lot of power. Have the installation of the appliance done by a professional.

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What is pyrolysis? Verified

Some ovens are equipped with a pyrolysis function. This is a cleaning system that burns dirt and fat in the oven by using very high temperatures. After pyrolysis, all the dirt will have turned to ash and can be easily removed. If the oven has a pyrolysis function, it is advisable to use it 3 to 4 times a year to keep the oven clean.

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Can I connect a range to an extension cord? Verified

Appliances that require large amounts of power, like a range, can not be connected to all extension cords. See what the power usage of the range is, which is indicated in Watt, and check if the extension cord can handle this. There are extension cords with thicker cables that are made to handle larger appliances.

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Can I prepare several items simultaneously by using more grill trays? Verified

Technically this is possible. However, it depends on the type of food if you need to adjust the preparation time or swap the trays halfway during the preparation.

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When I use the oven there often food remains that fall on the bottom, causing smoke. How can I prevent this? Verified

Many ovens come with both a grid and a baking tray. When food is prepared on the grid, the baking tray can be placed on the bottom to prevent food remains from burning and causing smoke.

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Manual United UFV-60277 Range
Ed Van Vooren 29-01-2024
The images for proper connecting the incoming electrical lines to the back of the oven are extremely poor quality. No line is labeled as power or earth ground. there are two images which no explanation. I need to know the proper connecting og the 2 hot lines and the third earth wire.

United UFV-60277 Range