Manuals for Bosch Microwaves

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My microwave won't start when I press the start-button, what can I do? Verified

In many cases the door of the microwave hasn't closed properly. Open and close the door and try again.

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Can I use my microwave when the turntable doesn't work? Verified

The turntable makes sure the heat is distributed evenly. When it's not working, the microwave cannnot be properly used. Have it repaired.

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The microwave is on but is not working. Why is that? Verified

It's possible that the door does not close properly. To ensure safety a microwave will not workj until the door is completely closed. Sometimes this can be fixed by adjusting the door hinge.

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The mica/cardboard plate inside the microwave came off. Can I still use the microwave? Verified

No, absolutely not. The mica/cardboard plate is the waveguide that distributes the microwaves. Put it back or get a replacement.

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My microwave keeps making noise, even after it has finished. Is this normal? Verified

Yes, this is a normal sound. The fan cools the microwave after use. The duration depends on how long the microwave has operated.

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Can I boil water in the microwave? Verified

No, absolutely not. Water can get superheated. This means that the water can reach a temperature of above 100℃ without boiling. When this water then touchs any object it can instantly boil and splash up, causing burns.

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Why can't I put metal in my microwave? Verified

Metal doesn't let the microwaves through but bounces them back. When these microwaves are bounced back at the same spot, this can cause sparks.

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Manual Bosch CMA583MS0B Microwave
Graham Holiday 12-02-2024
How do you hide the clock display on a Bosch combo oven CMA583MS0B?

Bosch CMA583MS0B Microwave
Manual Bosch HMD8451UC Microwave
Jeff 28-01-2024
How to remove microwave door for cleaning

Bosch HMD8451UC Microwave
Manual Bosch CMA583MS0B Microwave
Kevin Archer 25-11-2023
I'm trying to find this out too!. The only way I've managed it, is by turning it off at the mains, which is difficult as my isolator is mounted at high level at the back of a cupboard (not sure why?).

Bosch CMA583MS0B Microwave
Manual Bosch HMT96660 Microwave
Fülöp Tamás 23-11-2023
Hello. I would like to receive instructions for use in Hungarian, if possible? BoschHMT 96660. For a microwave oven.. Thank you... [email protected].

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Bosch HMT96660 Microwave
Manual Bosch FFL023MS2 Microwave
Peter Giering 23-11-2023
I cannot set the time for the first use. The request for the recruitment did not appear either.

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Bosch FFL023MS2 Microwave