Manuals for Philips Kettles

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the sieve for in my kettle? Verified

This is to catch any loose limescale that might have accumulated over time.

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The kettle does not finish and keeps on boiling, what should I do? Verified

In many cases the lid of the kettle was not closed properly. If heat is allowed to escape, the kettle will keep on boiling. If this does not solve the problem you should contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.

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Can I boil less than the minimim amount of water? Verified

No. When boiling less than the minimum amount of water, the temperature sensor might malfunction. This might prevent the kettle from switching off at boiling point, resulting in possibly dangerous situations.

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Is it efficient to fill a kettle with hot water from the faucet? Verified

No. To get warm water to the faucet it is often needed to let cold water out first, which will be wasted. Also, the pipes will fill the same amount of hot water which will not be used and will cool, which leads to energy loss. Therefor it is better to fill a kettle with cold water.

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Can I boil more than the maximum amount of water? Verified

No. When boiling more than the maximum amount of water, the kettle might overflow. This might result in possibly dangerous situations.

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How often should I descale my kettle? Verified

Philips recommends to descale your kettle every three months in case of soft water (up to 18Dh) or once a month in case of hard water (more than 18Dh).

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Latest comments

Manual Philips HD4631 Kettle
Mario 04-05-2024
I have a Philips HD4631 kettle. The plastic of the water level indicator broke. Is it possible to replace it?

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Philips HD4631 Kettle
Manual Philips HD9350 Kettle
oscar rai 30-12-2023
hd9350 kettle I put the water in and wait for it to turn off but the water is not boiling

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Philips HD9350 Kettle
Manual Philips HD4649 Kettle
Paul dB 29-08-2023
After about 5 years my HD4649 is broken. I would like to repair it and therefore open it first. But even after removing all screws (4) and a lot of fiddling, the bottom plate will not come loose. Once clicked closed, the thing just does not want to open. BAD DESIGN!!!! You are forced to throw the thing away and buy a new one. So that won't be Philips.

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Philips HD4649 Kettle
Manual Philips HD9385 Kettle
Henri 27-07-2023
What do all the buttons on the holder/base of the kettle mean? I can't find that in the downloaded manual.

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Philips HD9385 Kettle
Manual Philips HD9365 Kettle
Susi Neugier 18-04-2023
Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere a recommendation as to what I can use to descale the Philips kettle HD9365! And before using it for the first time, should I throw the water away once or several times?

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Philips HD9365 Kettle