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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which pans can be used on an induction hob? Verified

In general all pans that are magnetic can be used on an induction hob. Almost all new pans are suited for induction.

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My hob has a power plug that doesn't fit a regular socket, what should I do? Verified

Many electric hobs (both ceramic and induction) have a different plug. This is because these appliances require a lot of power. Have the installation of the appliance done by a professional.

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Why does the ignition on my range make a clicking sound? Verified

If the range has ben cleaned with a lot of water, the knobs might have gotten wet, triggering the ignition. Let the knobs dry. If the problem persists you should contact the manufacturer.

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Latest comments

Manual Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Hob
Paul smith 01-07-2023
Bought electric hob from amazon the front 2 rings dont work the back 2 work fine

Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Hob
Manual Russell Hobbs RH60GH401SS Hob
Keith 08-03-2023
Can I use a flexy hose with this hob?

Russell Hobbs RH60GH401SS Hob
Manual Russell Hobbs RH60IH401B Hob
Victoria Welsh 07-05-2022
One side of the hob works and the other doesn't. What could be the problem?

Russell Hobbs RH60IH401B Hob
Manual Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Hob
Catherine Mitchell 09-01-2022
I have the same issue, did you fix it? Thanknyou

Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Hob
Manual Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Hob
Carl Jones 22-11-2021
I just bought a electric hob model number RH60EH402B,from Amazon,the problem is ,the front two rings will not come on. The hob clicks but do not work, The back ones work fine.

Russell Hobbs RH60EH402B Hob