Manuals for Philips Espresso Machines

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the grind say about the coffee? Verified

The type of grind heavily determines the taste of the coffee. A finer grind generally means a stronger taste and a coarser grind means a milder taste. A very fine grind can result in bitter coffee.

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What is the best way to store coffee? Verified

Coffee is best stored in a clean and airtight can.

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Latest comments

Manual Philips EP4341 Espresso Machine
Kemal Besken 13-06-2024

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Philips EP4341 Espresso Machine
Manual Philips EP1200 Espresso Machine
이복희 15-04-2024
I would like to download the Philips Series 1200 coffee machine manual. The red light on Aqua Clean comes on. I need a user manual

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Philips EP1200 Espresso Machine
Manual Philips EP1223 Espresso Machine
Galgóczy Zsolt 20-03-2024
Greetings! I would like to ask that if there is both ground and ground coffee in the container, how does the coffee maker know which place I want it to brew the coffee from?

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Philips EP1223 Espresso Machine
Manual Philips EP2235 Espresso Machine
Ján Labič 06-02-2024
I bought a coffee maker today and I need to download the manual.

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Philips EP2235 Espresso Machine
Manual Philips EP2230 Espresso Machine
Christian Boudé 04-02-2024
Hello, I am trying to understand the instructions found on the internet. Example: “Under preparation of drinks” is indicated (Fig.1; Fig.2 etc…) but I cannot find these figures. Thank you for explaining to me! Furthermore, what is the “Hot Water Button” used for? You understand that my English is below water level. Thank you very much for wasting some of your time. Sincerely, C. Boudé

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Philips EP2230 Espresso Machine