Zanussi Dryers

You can find the manual for your Zanussi Dryer below. Can’t find your model? Send us a message on Facebook, and we will try to find the manual for you.

Source: Zanussi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is de drum of my dryer larger than that of my washing machine, even though they have the same capacity?
To properly dry laundry, a dryer needs to have air. This needs space and that's why the drum needs to be larger.

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My Zanussi dryer displays error "E60", what does this mean?
This error is heat-related. The cycle will be stopped. Let the dryer cool down for 30 minutes. If the problem persists you should contact the manufacturer.

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Where can I find spare parts?
For finding spare parts we recommend . They stock a wide range of parts for a large number of brands.

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Where can I find the model number of my Zanussi dryer.
The model number is generally found on a sticker on the inside of the door of your dryer.

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What is the difference between a condenser dryer and a vented dryer?
In a condenser dryer the condensed water vapour is drained and collected in an internal reservoir. In a vented dryer the hot, moist air is drained through a hose, for example out of a window. A vented dryer is cheaper to use than a condenser dryer

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Can I stack my dryer and washing machine?
In general it is possible to directly stack a dryer and washing machine directly on top of each other. This only works with front loading models. However, it is advisable to use a fitting accessory to do so. This will prevent the machines from vibrating and falling off and also prevents damage to the bottom machine.

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