Manuals for Princess Deep Fryers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I replace the fat or oil in my deep fryer? Verified

To achieve an optimal result, it is advisable to replace the fat or oil every 8 frying sessions if you are making snacks. If you are making fries, the fat or oil can be replaced every 12 frying sessions.

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Can I clean the inside of my deep fryer with a scourer? Verified

No. Most deep fryers have a special layer that can be damaged by using a scourer or abrasive cleaner. Only use the soft side of a scourer or a wet wipe.

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What is the 'cold zone' in my deep fryer? Verified

In deep fryers with a cold zone, a part of the oil sits below the heating element. This part of the oil remains colder than the upper part. Crumbs will float to the bottom and end up in this cold zone, making sure the oil stays clean longer.

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Latest comments

Manual Princess 182021 Deep Fryer
Silvia Drotárová 13-12-2023
Please send me the manual for using the hot air fryer to the address [email protected] well thank you

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Princess 182021 Deep Fryer
Manual Princess 182604 Deep Fryer
Sagrario 25-11-2023
When my fryer heats up the oil it automatically turns off and the frying does not continue, until it cools it cannot continue frying. I have tried everything to lower the temperature, turn it off and turn it back on and nothing at the end I have to put the pan in and finish the frying bad mind All the best

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Princess 182604 Deep Fryer
Manual Princess 182026 Deep Fryer
vincenzo romano 14-07-2023
i can't start it

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Princess 182026 Deep Fryer
Manual Princess 182025 Deep Fryer
Tom Sundström 30-03-2023
How to get the manual in only Swedish

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Princess 182025 Deep Fryer
Manual Princess 183028 Deep Fryer
Barry Fransen 11-11-2022
I need to reconnect the cabling but I can't remember how

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Princess 183028 Deep Fryer