Manuals for Philips Deep Fryers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I replace the fat or oil in my deep fryer? Verified

To achieve an optimal result, it is advisable to replace the fat or oil every 8 frying sessions if you are making snacks. If you are making fries, the fat or oil can be replaced every 12 frying sessions.

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Can I clean the inside of my deep fryer with a scourer? Verified

No. Most deep fryers have a special layer that can be damaged by using a scourer or abrasive cleaner. Only use the soft side of a scourer or a wet wipe.

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What is the 'cold zone' in my deep fryer? Verified

In deep fryers with a cold zone, a part of the oil sits below the heating element. This part of the oil remains colder than the upper part. Crumbs will float to the bottom and end up in this cold zone, making sure the oil stays clean longer.

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Latest comments

Manual Philips NA110 Deep Fryer
collinet jean baptiste 04-07-2024
I would like to have explanations for using the NA210 airfryer

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Philips NA110 Deep Fryer
Manual Philips HD6153 Cucina Deep Fryer
Pelin 09-06-2024
Can we only fry with a deep fryer?

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Philips HD6153 Cucina Deep Fryer
Manual Philips NA352 Deep Fryer
Max Mustermann 07-05-2024
I've been sitting here for more than an hour waiting for 7.8 mb of operating instructions to be downloaded!!!! Just because Philips is unable to provide proper instructions!!! The connection cable is much too short, the gap is crooked and crooked, the parts are the cheapest plastic. All in all, I am more than dissatisfied. Cheapest Chinese trash. Either I send the thing back today or sell the junk on eBay.

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Philips NA352 Deep Fryer
Manual Philips HD9200 Deep Fryer
Marjo Öhrnberg 12-12-2023
I would like Philips HD 9200 Finnish user manual. [email protected]

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Philips HD9200 Deep Fryer
Manual Philips HD9240 Avance Collection Airfryer XL Deep Fryer
porcheron 13-09-2023
I do not understand selling equipment without instructions in French if I do not have the instructions in 2 days I will return it SILVER CREST AIR FRYER

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Philips HD9240 Avance Collection Airfryer XL Deep Fryer