Manuals for AEG Cooker Hoods

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much distance should there be between my cooker hood and my hob? Verified
This can very a bit depending on the brand, but in general a cooker hood should be placed at least 65 centimeter above a gas hob and at least 50 centimeter above an electric or induction hob. This is to improve fire safety

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Do I need a cooker hood with or without motor? Verified
Cooker Hoods with motor are meant for when the air is moved directly outside. A cooker hood without motor is meant for when there is a central ventilation system. Never connect a cooker hood with motor to a central ventilation system!

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How can I clean the filters in my AEG cooker hood? Verified
The filters in all AEG cooker hoods can be washed by hand. Some models have a filter that can be washed in a dishwasher. This can be found in the user manual. Be sure the filter is dry when it is placed back into the cooker hood.

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