Manuals for Unold Coffee Machines

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the grind say about the coffee? Verified

The type of grind heavily determines the taste of the coffee. A finer grind generally means a stronger taste and a coarser grind means a milder taste. A very fine grind can result in bitter coffee.

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What is the best way to store coffee? Verified

Coffee is best stored in a clean and airtight can.

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Latest comments

Manual Unold 28736 Coffee Machine
Sylvana Alp 22-03-2022
The machine lights up but the start button does not respond, there is a filter problem

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Unold 28736 Coffee Machine
Manual Unold 28465 Digital Coffee Machine
Faas 24-05-2021
My machine is brewing ... but it flashes red and makes a clacking noise. Is that normal ? Kind regards

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Unold 28465 Digital Coffee Machine
Manual Unold 28815 Coffee Machine
janusz 29-11-2019
this manual is not in Polish

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Unold 28815 Coffee Machine
Manual Unold 28736 Coffee Machine
Zbyszek 16-08-2019
Great coffee machine! It makes very good coffee. Good for home and business. Unfortunately, the water cannot be too hard, because after brewing a few cups it simply turns off without ending the process. In this case, a descaling procedure should be applied, e.g. with citric acid. It takes a long time. So it's better to use water softened by a water filter. In addition, it is better to use paper filters No. 4. There is no need to clean the permanent filter then. Besides, everything is OK.

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Unold 28736 Coffee Machine