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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the grind say about the coffee? Verified

The type of grind heavily determines the taste of the coffee. A finer grind generally means a stronger taste and a coarser grind means a milder taste. A very fine grind can result in bitter coffee.

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What is the best way to store coffee? Verified

Coffee is best stored in a clean and airtight can.

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Manual Sharp SA-BC2002A Coffee Machine
Patrick Pol van de 18-12-2021
What size paper filter bags belong to this device

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Sharp SA-BC2002A Coffee Machine
Manual Sharp SA-BC2002A Coffee Machine
Sindy Müller 15-12-2020
Who can help me, I recently bought such a filter coffee machine and I find it very difficult to get along, operation as always, but that the filter is round and therefore the filter bags somehow not work properly, the bags keep buckling and the coffee grounds are always in Container that annoys ..... how can you optimize it so that the water does not buckle the filter bags, I've already tried it and cut the bags to size, but the sieve is too round and wide ...

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Sharp SA-BC2002A Coffee Machine