Manuals for Wilfa Bread Makers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I clean the baking tin of my bread maker with a scourer? Verified

No. Most bread makers have a baking tin with a non-stick layer that can be damaged by using a scourer or abrasive cleaner. Only use the soft side of a scourer or a wet wipe.

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Why do I need to remove the tray before adding ingredients? Verified

This is to prevent ingredients from falling on a heating element. They might burn and cause smoke.

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Latest comments

Manual Wilfa BM-10 Bread Maker
Ulla Jarlros 12-12-2023
Never used a baking machine. Can't find any recipes for how much flour and how much water, etc. Dry yeast or regular

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Wilfa BM-10 Bread Maker
Manual Wilfa BM-50 Bread Maker
The kneading claws are VERY difficult to get out of the loaves. It seems that the coating (Teflon?) Is not solid enough, for the job they do. Complained and got new claws already after 1 year, but now I have the same problem with the new 1 years later. The factory must strengthen the coating on the claws. By the way, I am very happy and have had Wilfa bread baking machine for 22 years!

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Wilfa BM-50 Bread Maker
Manual Wilfa BM-1 Bread Maker
Tiina Uusitupa 02-10-2021
Hey, I would like the instructions in Finnish, not successful despite the attempt.

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Wilfa BM-1 Bread Maker
Manual Wilfa BM-50 Bread Maker
Fredrik Hedlund 26-01-2021
Can you just make dough like pizza dough with it or dough that bake in the oven as rolls, etc.

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Wilfa BM-50 Bread Maker