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Does an air purifier also remove regular dust from the air? Verified

Yes, air purifiers also remove dust from the air that otherwise would need to be removed by dusting and cleaning. It depends on the air purifier up to what size of dust can be removed from the air.

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Manual Philips AC1711 Air Purifier
Ghassan 23-12-2023
Hi haw can I resit red brush led after I clean the filter and sensor please thanks

Philips AC1711 Air Purifier
Manual Philips AC2729 Air Purifier
Bencze Krisztina 04-10-2023
thank you very much

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Philips AC2729 Air Purifier
Manual Philips AC1711 Air Purifier
Lucien Karhausen 08-06-2023
If one seeks to save the user manual, it is not 17 pages, but 32 pages that come in a mess. When you offer a PDF, this is impossible, because by clicking on PDF, nothing happens. Why can't we buy a manual printed on paper? I believe to see look for an air purifier of a brand other than Philips. Dr. Lucien Karhausen

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Philips AC1711 Air Purifier
Manual Philips AC1215 Air Purifier
Joël Puvilland 06-04-2023
Incomprehensible user manual (for me). I still have not understood where is the front and the back of the device! Apparently the aesthetic side is at the back ??? and the purified air seems to me as polluted as before!!!! I don't feel like I bought a fan anymore!!!!

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Philips AC1215 Air Purifier
Manual Philips AC4080 Air Purifier
Alain Berckmans 10-12-2022
Have you found the solution? Sincerely

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Philips AC4080 Air Purifier